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    We moved to Boca Raton from NJ 1.5 moth ago and learned last week that CRT is part of Language Art class in my 10 years old son’s school! I attended Board of Education meeting and realized that there is absolutely no difference between blue NJ and PBC! In order to save our children, we HAVE TO elect new Palm Beach County board of education members! Terms expire for the following 4 board members: Karen Brill, District 3; Erica Whitfield, District 4; Marcia Andrews, District 6; Debra Robinson, M.D., District 7! I met US congressional candidate for FL-21 Jeffrey Buongiorno. He made a speech during BOE meeting and pledged, that he would support and work with any conservative BOE candidate - (1151) Jeff 'Bongi' Buongiorno speaks at Palm Beach County School Board Meeting 9-22-21 - YouTube . Jeffrey Buongiorno is scheduling the meeting with potential BOE candidates and concerned parents. We have to be careful who we are planning to elect. Would you like to participate? Stay tuned for the meeting’s date.