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    No 5D chess here. I wish that's how politics actually worked but it's not. Most likely he made some type of a deal w the Dems down here that involved giving them one of the two seats. DeSantis is definitely not an idiot, but very naive. Just like Trump he thinks he can charm people into liking him and backing him. In reality they are just waiting until it's time to stab him in the back. This was a HUGE mistake he will pay for come Election Day. Yes Dan the South Florida Democrat COVID Cartel have their hands tied... for now. Fried gets in there and the first thing she will do is unleash that monster on us again.

    By Chris Nelson. November 23, 2021. In a puzzling move, Freedom Rockstar and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed a far left Democrat to the Broward County Commission today. Jared Moskowitz, who calls himself "Jared MASKowitz" on Twitter, will fill the District 9 seat left vacant by Barbara Sharief who resigned to run for Congress. Moskowitz was Director of Emergency Management for the State of Florida in 2020. He oversaw lockdowns, school closures, business closures, and all the misery needlessly inflicted upon Floridians before DeSantis finally embraced Freedom in late 2020. On his Twitter feed, Moskowitz praises Joe Biden's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill which will curtail the Freedoms of Floridians and load crippling debt on future generations. He writes: "Because of @JoeBiden everyday is now Infrastructure Day!"

    He also praises Nancy Pelosi by retweeting a tweet calling her a "hero". Democrat State Senator and BLM Activist Shevrin Jones calls Moskowitz his "best friend". A parade of the most Left Wing South Florida Democrats including Radical Democrat and Anti 2A Congressman Ted Deutsch, Leftist Palm Beach Commissioner Melissa McKinlay and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz who calls Moskowitz her "friend" have praised his appointment.

    Most shocking is Moskowitz's tweet from June 30, 2020 where the word "MASKS" is printed 46 times in all capital letters.

    Moskowitz stance on pushing the COVID shot on children is evident in this retweet from Hillary Clinton:

    It is hard to imagine what Governor DeSantis may have been inhaling when he decided to stick his supporters in Broward with another radical masker, especially after what the County has endured these last two years. Certainly no Democrat would appoint a Freedom Minded Republican to a position like this as it seems only Republicans like to shoot themselves in the foot and screw over their constituents. Broward is key to DeSantis being Re-Elected in 2022. If he thinks any Democrat will help him in that regard he is probably taking PCP. What is even more bizarre is Moskowitz does not even live in the District he was appointed to. DeSantis also appointed Republican Florida Department of Transportation Chief of Staff Torey Alston to the District 8 seat left vacant by Dale Holness who also resigned to run for Congress.

    The Special Session Of the Florida State Legislature to Ban Vaccine Mandates and protect Medical Freedom is THIS WEEK in Tallahassee! The Florida Freedom Keepers have organized rallies and car pools along with Telegram chats. You will have an opportunity to address the legislature as well! We MUST get solid bills past that will protect our Freedoms or we will forever be beholden to the vaccine fascists! IF YOU CAN MAKE IT TO THE CAPITAL THIS WEEK GET THERE! From the Florida Freedom Keepers:


    💛Believe in medical freedom? Get off the sidelines and activate NOW - nobody is coming to save us!

    🚨URGENT Medical Freedom rallies in Tallahassee (FL Capitol Courtyard) for Special Session:

    🗓Monday 11/15 | 9:00AM EST

    🗓Tuesday 11/16 | 1:00PM EST

    🚗Join the Carpool chat:

    Get the CTA:

    🔥Be Brave. Be Bold. Be The Light.

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    By Chris Nelson. November 8, 2021. Last month, Broward Schools Superintendent Vickie Cartwright and Teachers Union President Anna Fusco were humiliated by a viral video of both of them maskless at a large event. This happened the day after they were all over the news lecturing everybody on the importance of mask wearing after they defied the Department of Education and continued to force masks on students. It was shared all over the internet after Broward Teacher and State Senate Candidate Joseph Carter III shared it on Tik Tok with commentary. Watch here:

    Joseph Carter III

    Two days later Carter was visited by a member of the Broward Teachers Union and warned about posting "certain things" on Social Media and told that he was being watched for being late to class. Carter is habitually ON TIME and began to document his arrival times after this threat. The next week, Carter says he was called into the Principals Office and terminated with no cause. Carter is not only a teacher, but he is a candidate for State Senate running against Broward School Board Chair Rosalind Osgood. Since he was in his first year teaching at Cypress Run Education Center, the School Board can fire him for no cause. In this case we can take a pretty good guess at the cause. His case will be taken up by the School Board tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9 at 10am. It will be open for public comment. Watch my interview with Joseph Carter here:

    By Chris Nelson. November 8, 2021. The long-awaited Special Session of the Florida State Legislature will NOT ban COVID vaccine mandates entirely, according to a Press Release from Senate President Wilton Simpson and House Speaker Chris Sprowls. Instead, private sector employees will have "Opt-Outs" including the option to wear a mask PERMANENTLY in lieu of getting the COVID jab. The Opt-Outs are:

    - Employees with health or religious concerns are exempt from any vaccine requirements.

    - Pregnant women or women who anticipate pregnancy are exempt

    - Employees who have recovered from COVID-19 are exempt (but must prove it)

    - Employers must provide ALL EMPLOYEES the option to choose periodic COVID-19 testing or PPE as an alternative to vaccine requirements (at no cost to employees) – test frequency to be determined by the Florida Department of Health

    Governor Ron DeSantis announces the agenda for the Special Session of the State Legislature on November 8, 2021.

    Anyone who has sought a religious exemption from the Vaccine Rape Gang knows this is not an easy task. Instead of adopting H.B. 75 proposed by Rep. Anthony Sabatini which would have outlawed mandates entirely (Read here: Sabatini Files Bill that He Says Will END Covid Tyranny in Florida!), Florida GOP leaders seem to be settling for half measures again. These "opt outs" will allow employers to continue segregating and isolating the unvaccinated by shaming them with a slave mask. The burden of proof will remain on the Florida citizen to reveal private health information to his employer in order to be exempt from a potentially deadly treatment. No Floridian should need a permission slip to maintain his own bodily autonomy. Could you imagine if President Trump demanded all citizens reveal their HIV status to their employer and then be made to wear some type of medical device that segregated them from the rest of the employees? That would never fly!

    There are parts of the Agenda that are good. If they follow it, the legislature plans to ban mask and vaccine mandates in schools, begin the process of pulling the state of Florida out of OSHA (we will wait and see on this one), and removing the Florida statute which allows the Public Health Official to forcibly vaccinate citizens during a declared Public Health Emergency. Read the document in its entirety here:…ss%20Release&FileName=797

    ***CALL TO ACTION***

    The Special Session will begin on November 15 in Tallahassee. The session WILL be open for public comment so if you can make it, get there!! See details at There will be a Medical Freedom Rally on Tuesday at 1pm

    Call your reps and tell them we will settle for nothing less than a FULL BAN on Medical Rape in the State of Florida! No exemptions! No exceptions! Here is a list of all Republican Reps and Senators:

    I interviewed Rep Anthony Sabatini to get his thoughts today! See it in my Instagram @ReOpenChris

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    By Chris Nelson. October 15, 2021. Florida State Attorney Harold Pryor has unsurprisingly declined to file charges against freedom loving Father Dan Bauman for an incident at Ft Lauderdale High School on August 25. Bauman was absurdly charged with Aggravated Child Abuse, a first degree felony, after a girl walked across the school yard and snatched his phone out of his hand and he attempted to get it back while bringing his daughter to school. The charge was subsequently downgraded to Child abuse without great bodily harm. Dan was attempting to bring his daughter Isabel to school after she was repeatedly denied entry for not wearing a mask. The Florida Department of Education issued a rule directing School Boards to allow for parents to opt-out from compulsory mask wearing but the Broward School Board voted to disobey the law and Ft Lauderdale High School followed their direction. Dan was documenting each attempt of Isabel to get into school including attempts by administrators to physically block her from entering. Watch all three encounters here CleverGirl - YouTube.

    Court Document showing State Attorney Harold Pryor Declining the Case against Dan Bauman

    On Wednesday, August 25, Dan was attempting to bring his daughter to school a fourth time. When Isabel and her supporters arrived, students formed a protest against Isabel and chanted "Wear the Mask!" Teachers did nothing to stop this. Watch here:

    When Dan and Isabel approached the school entrance, a masked girl walked aggressively from the direction of the protest up to Dan and grabbed his phone out of his hand. Dan attempted to retrieve his phone and was tackled, arrested, and charged with child abuse. Local media gleefully jumped on the story blaring headlines like "Parent Accused of Abusing Student at Fort Lauderdale High in Apparent Mask Dispute". The Sun Sentinel's Austen Erblat wrote an absurd and grossly inaccurately titled article "Anti Mask Protestor Arrested After Shoving High School Student" which was picked up by the Washington Post and painted Dan as a vicious child abuser and the girl who assaulted him as an innocent victim. Many stories shared and credited the Antifa (Twitter: @MIAagainstFASH) video and quoted Ft Lauderdale police saying that Dan was filming students and the girl did not want to be filmed. However, video evidence shows Dan was nowhere near the girl until she traveled across the school yard and instigated the whole event while Principal Sean Curran watched.

    Read more on Dan and Isabel's story here: Video Shows Assault on Anti Mask Father Was Premeditated. Dan pulled his daughter Isabel from Broward Schools to seek education in a less hostile environment. He still has legal bills in the amount of $6500. You can help this brave Father here:

    Dan and Isabel

    It is with great sadness that I must report that Derrick DeForge's heart has stopped beating today. Derrick is a 51 year old man with a wife and teenage daughter. Two weeks ago he was brought to Broward Health via ambulance due to shortness of breath. The hospital labeled him a "COVID Pneumonia" patient even though his chart shows he was COVID Negative on arrival. He was pumped full of deadly Remdesivir without his wife's consent, incapacitated with Fentanyl and Propofol, had a tube shoved down his throat, he was DENIED Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, he was DENIED visitation and placed on a Ventilator to die. These are what our demented media and politicians will celebrate as another "Unvaccinated COVID death" and use for their twisted Vaccine Propaganda. Derrick did NOT die from COVID. He died due to a lethal Hospital protocol that appears to be designed to kill unvaccinated patients. He died because greedy soulless Hospital Administrators are being PAID up to $39,000 a pop for every "COVID Pneumonia" patient they stick on a ventilator. He died because LIFESAVING medicine with ZERO side effects are being cruelly withheld. He died due to a lack of compassion and lack of courage on the part of the Hospital staff and our government. Out of respect for Derrick's family the demonstration for tomorrow will be postponed. The Hospital Administrators and all those responsible for this ghoulish treatment of human beings MUST and WILL be held accountable. In the meantime keep Dee, Derrick's daughter Isabella and his family in your prayers. 🙏

    Last weekend I confronted maskless hypocrites Broward Superintendent Vickie Cartwright and Teachers Union President Anna Fusco at an event. Brave Broward Teacher Joseph Carter, III shared the video w his commentary and it went VIRAL. Now Mr. Carter is dealing with Teachers Union THUGS showing up at his school to try to INTIMIDATE HIM! Are you freaking kidding me Anna? Does this dude look scared of you and your minions? See what he says about the incident here:

    By Chris Nelson. September 24, 2021. The true reason Florida School Districts are breaking State Law and keeping children forcibly masked has been revealed. Yesterday, a pay-for-play scheme that reeks of Washington DC corruption was put into place when the Alachua County School Board was given $148,000 by the U.S. Department of Education. The grant comes via "Project Safe", which pays large sums of money to School Districts that follow the Biden COVID Reopening Plan for schools. It even comes complete with another dumb acronym which are typically used for all Washingtonian Con Jobs. According to a Federal Department of Education Press Release, "Project SAFE (Supporting America's Families and Educators), anticipates using funding within the Department of Education from Title IV, Part F, School Safety National Activities, of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Local school districts would be able to apply for Project SAFE grants that will allow them to restore funding withheld by state leaders—such as for school board members or superintendents who have had their pay cut—when a school district implemented strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools." This $148,000 is only a small chunk of the $130 BILLION allotted to this fund. Yes, your Federal tax dollars are now paying for abortions AND forced masking of children.

    President Biden gets up close with a masked child earlier this year.

    Project SAFE money comes with strings attached. In order to qualify for the money, Districts MUST adhere to draconian CDC COVID policies including but not limited to "getting all staff and eligible students vaccinated, implementing universal indoor masking, and maintaining physical distancing." That means with one stroke of a pen all the children in Alachua Public Schools are now property of the CDC to do with as they please. (Read here:…AFE-Alachua-County-FL.pdf.) This also means that Florida School Districts who take Project SAFE money WILL MOST CERTAINLY be implementing mandatory COVID vaccinations for all students and teachers. Alachua County was the first to receive these funds but the likelihood is high that other Florida School Districts disobeying State Law to forcibly mask students like Palm Beach and Broward are putting in their applications. (See which School Districts have sold your children out to Fauci and for how much here:…d-educators-project-safe/). This may also incentivize other districts to take the poison Federal dollars over what the State is offering. The Federal Government has a money press. The State of Florida does not. Remember this the next time Democrats are crying about Governor DeSantis interfering in "Local affairs."

    Source material:…ing-covid-safety-measures

    U.S. Department of Education Awards Project SAFE Funds to Florida School District Following State-Imposed Penalty for Implementing COVID-19 Safety Measures | U.S. Department of Education

    By Chris Nelson. September 23, 2021. Florida has a new hope in our battle against forced masking of children, coerced deadly vaccinations and a lethal Hospital Covid protocol. This week Governor Ron DeSantis named Dr. Joseph Lapado as Florida's New Surgeon General, the top medical position in the State. If Dr. Lapado seems familiar to you it may be from his appearance in the famous White Coat Summit from 2020 that took on the Teachers Unions and promoted lifesaving Hydroxychloroquine to fight Covid instead of masks and vaccines. Dr. Ladapo is also a signer of the Great Barrington Declaration denouncing Faucism (Read here:

    On his first day in office Dr. Ladapo ended a cruel policy that forced healthy children into isolation based on contact tracing even though they showed no symptoms of being ill. Dr. Ladapo has impeccable credentials. From Governor DeSantis' Press Release: "Dr. Ladapo graduated from Wake Forest University and received his MD from Harvard Medical School and his PhD in Health Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He completed his clinical training in internal medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center." Dr. Ladapo has a difficult job ahead especially in the face of hatred coming from the racist and intolerant left. Hatred and insults are already being lobbed by the Big-Pharma backed media and the green haired Hogwarts brigade on Twitter. First, the Remdesivir/Fentanyl/Propofol/Ventilator Death Protocol being used in Florida hospitals MUST be investigated.

    A sick cycle of death by ventillator followed by macabre media celebration is running rampant in Florida. Unvaccinated people are dying in hospitals and the media writes celebratory articles to use them as an example to push the vaccination. This is happening while a proven lifesaving drug Ivermectin is being demonized and made unavailable to Covid patients. Read the story of Derrick DeForge here: 🚨DOCTORS PROTOCOL DENIED BY ADMINISTRATORS AT BROWARD HEALTH NORTH! 🚨

    We hope Dr. Ladapo will look into this immediately so lives can be saved to the media's dismay.

    By Chris Nelson. September 23, 2021. On the heels of a report that nearly 12,000 students have left Broward Schools in the last year, Interim Superintendent Vickie Cartwright, Teachers Union President Anna Fusco and Broward School Board Members are vowing to go DOOR TO DOOR to HUNT DOWN CHILDREN who left their indoctrination camps they call schools. This message was sent to parents by Marjory Stoneman Douglas Principal Michelle Kefford:

    Both Fusco and Cartwright were recently busted maskless at a large event even though they preach forced masking day in and day out and continue to force masks on the students. Apparently most of these kids have had enough and have either moved on to private schools or somewhere they are allowed to breathe.

    If Cartwright, Fusco or any of their minions show up at your door I suggest you start the camera rolling and do not stop. Send the footage to

    It is Time to END Covid Tyranny in Florida Once and For All!

    Committee Weeks are here! Our State Representatives and Senators are back in Tallahassee to consider which bills they will bring to the house for a vote. We had some excellent news recently with the appointment of Dr. Joseph Ladapo, one of America's Frontline Doctors to be Florida's new Top Medical Official. With this we can expect much positive change. We will finally have a new Speaker of the House but NOT UNTIL NOVEMBER OF NEXT YEAR! That is why we MUST keep the pressure on Speaker Chris Sprowls to call an EMERGENCY SESSION OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE! Your efforts have been working!

    The time has come to pass two VERY important pieces of legislation which are now before the Pandemics and Public Emergencies Committee. Both were introduced by Rep. Anthony Sabatini. The first is HB 75: Limiting Covid-19 Restrictions, which will ban all forms of forced or coerced Masking or Vaccinations in the State of Florida. This includes forced masking of school children and coerced vaccinations as a condition of employment. (Read about it here: Sabatini Files Bill that He Says Will END Covid Tyranny in Florida!). The second bill is HB 6009: Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies. This will remove language from Florida statute that allows the Public Health Officer to forcibly vaccinate citizens. Right now they can literally come to your home and hold you down and stick the jab in your arm if they see fit. (Read here: Bill Filed to REMOVE the ability of the State to Force Vaccinations)

    We now know who sits on this committee. It is run by Republicans, but unfortunately, many of these are Corporatist RINO Republicans who do whatever their big donors like Disney tell them to do. If these bills are killed in committee, they will NOT go for a vote in the State House. These Reps need to know that if they attempt to block these pieces of legislation their political career in the State of Florida will be OVER. Here they are. Start calling and emailing IMMEDIATELY. I have only listed Republicans because the Democrats are largely a lost cause. Remember they are in Tallahassee right now! Their staff read every single email and listen to every single message they get! Let's keep up the pressure!

    House Speaker:

    Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor)

    Phone: (727) 793-2810


    Committee Chair:

    Daniel Perez (R-Miami)

    Phone: (850) 717-5116

    Vice Chair:

    Michael Caruso (R-Delray Beach)

    Phone: 561-750-2396


    Melanie Bell (R-Ft. Meade)

    Phone: 863-285-1101


    Cord Byrd (R-Neptune Beach)

    Phone: 904-242-3495


    Linda Chaney (R-St Pete Beach)

    Phone: 727-341-7385


    Jason Fischer (R-Jacksonville)

    Phone: 904-359-2653


    Mike Giallombardo (R-Cape Coral)

    Phone: 239-772-1291


    Amber Mariano (R-Hudson)

    Phone: (727) 861-4806


    Jim Mooney. Jr (R-Islamorado)

    Phone: (850) 717-5120


    John Snyder (R-Stuart)

    Phone: (772) 545-3481


    Dana Trabulsy (R-Ft. Pierce)

    Phone: (772) 595-1391


    Ardian Zika (R-Land-O-Lakes)

    Phone: (813) 929-1001


    In Freedom,

    Chris Nelson

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    This video has gotten several hundred thousand views across all platforms! I was at an event in Margate on Saturday and caught Broward Superintendent Vickie Cartwright and Teachers Union President Anna Fusco partying in a big crowd Mask Free after preaching multiple sermons on CNN and Local 10 about the NECESSITY of keeping every single child and school staff member masked. They do not listen to us at School Board meetings. This is how we get things done.

    🚨3rd Update on Derrick 9/17/21

    Derrick DeForge, is a patient at Broward Health North Medical Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida

    Two days ago a Nurse Advocate ordered her husband:

    27 mg of Ivermectin

    200 mg of HCQ

    10,000 iu of Vitamin C

    10,000 Vitanin D3

    Budesonide Steroid 1 mg

    Quercetin, NAC And More…

    She also asked for him to be Proned.

    Dr. Iad Naji of Broward County Hospital accepted Dr. Ardis' reccommendations and wrote out prescriptions for this updated protocol BUT the hospital Administrators OVERRULED the doctor's prescriptions. They did not follow these orders.

    Witness: Bonnie Camp, former Operating room Nurse, to this Negligence and Clear Medical Malpractice.

    Doctor Bryan Ardis with America's Frontline Doctor's wrote to Dee and suggested the Compassionate Use Act and/or “The Right To Try” along with a specific protocol for Derrick's hospital to follow.

    🚨Derrek is currently in a medical induced coma. Unfortunately local Media stations have been unwilling to pick up her story. Derrick has a twelve year old daughter.


    By Chris Nelson. September 16, 2021. When Dee's husband Derek began having trouble breathing she called 911. Never did she realize she would be dealing with a near hostage situation. One week later, Derek DeForge, 51, remains under heavy sedation at Broward Health North in Deerfield Beach. He is intubated and connected to a ventilator, a machine used to breath for you when you are unable. Derek's medical chart shows he has been put on the maximum dose of fentanyl, a powerful and deadly narcotic and propofol, a powerful anesthetic. "Continue heavy sedation with max dose versed fentanyl and propofol" the chart reads. See here:

    The chart lists Derek as "Unvaccinated" and a "Covid-19 pneumonia" patient. "I want my husband off that ventilator," said Deforge's wife Dee. Dee says her husband's doctor told her yesterday that he would put DeForge on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine at her request, but he remains in a doped up state and hooked up to a ventilator. "I visited him. He looked horrible and he is unconscious," said Dee. DeForge's official diagnosis is "Acute hypoxemic and hypercapnic respiratory failure." Dee says she is still not being given a straight answer as to when her husband will be conscious so he can leave.

    By Chris Nelson. September 15, 2021. The far left, spineless twits at Eventbrite have struck again. This time they attempted to torpedo an event in South Florida that will happen this weekend. The Road to Liberty Conference will feature speakers like Pastor Greg Locke, Dr Jane Ruby and others who are effective advocates against mask and vaccine mandates. The event organizer, Congressional Candidate Darlene Swaffar said she had already received $3900 in ticket sales to her account through Eventbrite and paid her vendors when Eventbrite tried to swipe the money back out of her account! "Eventbrite tried to pull that money [back out] this week, and my bank pulled it right back," said Swaffar. Swaffar said the money went right back into her account and the vendors were paid. She said she was given no notice about Eventbrite's actions and found out about it though a tweet. Eventbrite is known for bowing to the Antifites and cancelling people who are against medical fascism. Nobody on the side of freedom should ever use their services unless they want to see the same thing happen. Eventbrite is also connected to Arabella Advisors which may help explain their discrimination against liberty minded events. According to Wikipedia, "Arabella Advisors is a Washington, D.C.-based for-profit company that advises left-leaning donors and nonprofits about where to give money and serves as the hub of a politically liberal "dark money" network. It was founded by former Clinton administration appointee Eric Kessler." Arabella's website features a link to their Eventbrite profile. Eventbrite finally sent Swaffar and email saying her event violated their "Terms and Conditions" but gave no specific violation. They should write, "We cancelled your event because are afraid of a bunch of skinny pale Harry Potter fans." Swaffar said the event will go on seamlessly this Saturday, September 18 at the Signature Grand! Tickets can still be purchased at

    By Chris Nelson. September 13, 2021. Palm Beach Vice Mayor Robert S. Weinroth did not even try to hide his disgust for constituents opting to not take the Covid vaccine. In a social media post, Weinroth complained that, "Non-Vaccinated individuals are virtual Petri dishes for creating new and more virulent variants."

    Any lack of sensitivity or kindheartedness aside, Weinroth is not correct. An Oxford Research Group study of vaccinated healthcare workers in Vietnam showed them to be prolific pre-symptomatic carriers of the Delta variant. And what the study shows is that the people who were vaccinated had very, very high numbers of Delta variant in their nasal pharyngs, in their nostrils. In fact, they had 250 times the level, the concentrations of Delta variants in their nostrils as anybody was supporting of Coronavirus prior to the vaccines. (Link to study:

    It is far more likely that Weinroth is the human Petri dish, not unvaccinated people. Weinroth, who is up for re-election in 2022, has yet to see a challenger rise up against him.

    Rep Sabatini has filed a bill in the Florida House to NULLIFY Joe Biden's forthcoming vaccine edict!

    Most Florida Republican legislators remain SILENT on the subject! WE MUST SEE WHERE THEY STAND ON STOPPING THIS DANGEROUS ENCROACHMENT ON OUR LIVES!! Gov DeSantis, Senate President Wilton Simpson and House Speaker Chris Sprowls held a Special Session to expand gambling in May. They need to hold one NOW to defend Floridian's freedom and livelihoods! Tell them and the rest of the Florida GOP to call a Special Session NOW! HB 75 will ban forced masking and forced vaccinations and permanently unmask the children (Read: Sabatini Files Bill that He Says Will END Covid Tyranny in Florida!). HB 6009 will remove the ability of the State to Force vaccinations during a public health emergency (Read here: Bill Filed to REMOVE the ability of the State to Force Vaccinations) and this new bill will nullify Biden's latest vaccine tyranny. IT IS A NO BRAINER!! Here is a full list of all GOP legislators: List of Florida REPUBLICAN State Reps and Senators Pick 10 Reps to call per day! If they give you a response put it in the comments! Do not let up! NOW IS THE SPRINT TO THE FINISH LINE!