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    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis led a delegation of state leaders and Florida businesses to Japan, South Korea, Israel, and the United Kingdom on an international trade and cultural mission organized in conjunction with Enterprise Florida and the Florida Department of State. The mission focused on building and expanding economic relationships and delivering jobs, trade agreements, business opportunities, and actionable results for the people of Florida. The Governor was joined by First Lady Casey DeSantis, Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd, and Florida Secretary of Commerce Laura DiBella.

    Here is what the Governor did on the trade mission.


    §  Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis met with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan. The Governor and First Lady advocated for Florida business interests and promoted a greater trade relationship between Florida and Japan.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis met with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi to grow business relationships between Japan and Florida.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with leaders from the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to establish and expand partnership opportunities.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis hosted a roundtable discussion and meetings with nearly 100 business executives from Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation, to build and expand business relationships.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with executives from All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines to establish new direct flight opportunities between Florida and Japan.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with members of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to build a cooperative partnership between Japan’s and Florida’s space and aerospace industries to enhance Florida’s place in the global space economy. They also advocated for hosting a joint space symposium with Space Florida to coincide with the October 2023 SEUS-Japan Conference in Japan.

    §  The Governor championed specific forward-looking economic opportunities such as the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s proposed expansion into both Japan and South Korea.

    §  Additionally, the Governor and the trade delegation helped inform Japanese business leaders about the incredible opportunities for growth and investment in areas such as Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

    §  The Governor and NTT Data, an information technology and consulting company located in Tokyo, established a partnership to provide Florida university students with a one-week internship. NTT Data will host the students at their headquarters in Tokyo, and as part of the internship students will have the opportunity to interact with business executives and learn about a multi-faceted global business.

    South Korea

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis met with Prime Minister Han Duck-soo of South Korea to advocate growing the economic relationship between Florida and South Korea.

    §  While commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War and 70 years of partnership between South Korea and the United States, Governor Ron DeSantis met with nearly 100 business executives and delivered remarks on Florida’s economic partnership with South Korea.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis signed a Memorandum of Understanding with South Korea-based LowCarbon Hydrogen Corporation to create a research hub for clean hydrogen energy technology in Florida.

    §  Governor DeSantis met with Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Dong-yeon to reaffirm a sister-state agreement between Florida and the Gyeonggi Province.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with Karl Kim, President of Hyundai Motor Group, and Ho-sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation, to explore opportunities for expanding their footprint in and commerce with Florida, including possibilities for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft production (eVTOL).


    §  Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog to foster the economic relationship and friendship between Israel and Florida.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express Florida’s continued support for Israel and to discuss expanding cooperation and partnership.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis delivered the keynote address commemorating the 75th anniversary of Israel’s independence at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. In his remarks, Governor DeSantis celebrated the friendship and partnership of Israel and Florida.

    §  Governor DeSantis announced a partnership with innovative healthcare company Insightec to expand the Florida Brain State initiative and bring state-of-the-art cancer treatment to Florida.

    §  The State of Florida, the Israel Innovation Authority, and the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Israel) signed a joint declaration to promote greater cooperation, strategic partnerships, and trade and investment between Israel and Florida, with an emphasis on the healthcare industry.

    §  Avenger Flight Group, LLC (AFG), a Fort Lauderdale-based company, and EL AL Israel Airlines held a signing ceremony to build a next-generation flight training center in Israel with state-of-the-art simulators provided by AFG. EL AL will train all of its 737 and 787 pilots in that training center, and the Governor also celebrated EL AL’s soon-to-be two direct flights from South Florida to Israel.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 269 to provide law enforcement agencies with new enforcement mechanisms to punish perpetrators of antisemitic incidents and those who target religious communities.

    §  Governor DeSantis signed a proclamation to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Israel’s independence.

    United Kingdom

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with a roundtable of defense company CEOs to emphasize the defense industry as a priority in Florida for both economic development and national security.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis met with Foreign Minister James Cleverly to enhance Florida’s business relationship with the United Kingdom and promote shared interests between the United Kingdom and Florida.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis met with Secretary of State for Business and Trade Kemi Badenoch to explore a joint MOU to foster increased economic cooperation, partnership, and trade between the UK and Florida. The MOU is expected to be finalized in May.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis spoke to a packed room of business leaders at a convening hosted by Lloyd’s of London, encouraging companies to continue investing in Florida as a trade partner.

    §  Governor Ron DeSantis and Citizens Property Insurance Corporation President Tim Cerio held a discussion with reinsurance companies in the United Kingdom, where Governor DeSantis promoted the Florida insurance market to bring new carriers and expanded services to Florida homeowners.

    April 20, 2023. By Chris Nelson.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not finished traveling. This time he will flying around the globe leading an international trade mission to some of America's strongest allies.

    "Florida has the 15th largest economy in the world , and that is because our state has worked to create partnerships with other countries to create jobs and boost the economy," said DeSantis. "This trade mission will give us the opportunity to strengthen economic relationships and continue to demonstrate Florida's position as an economic leader."

    The trade mission is organized in conjunction with Enterprise Florida and includes visits to Japan, South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom, according to DeSantis spokesman Bryan Griffin.

    "The mission will build on Florida's economic relationships with each country, and the governor will meet with business executives and government leaders to further develop and expand economic partnerships," said Griffin. "The Governor will be joined by First Lady Casey DeSantis, Secretary of State Cord Byrd, and Florida Secretary of Commerce Laura DiBella."

    Governor Ron DeSantis greets supporters in Miami.

    The mission begins in Japan where DeSantis and his team will meet with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and business executives.

    Next the mission will stop in South Korea where the team will meet with Prime Minister Han Duck-soo and Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Don't-yeon.

    Next the delegation will travel to Israel where Governor DeSantis will deliver the keynote address at an event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of Israel. While in Israel, DeSantis will meet with representatives of INSIGHTEC who have been working with Florida Universities to bring a new treatment for Alzheimer's to Florida that uses sound waves.

    "What we are going to focus on is where the plaques are being accumulated in Alzheimer's. The idea is if we can open up the blood-brain barrier these plaques will be removed," INSIGHTEC CEO Maurice R Ferre told the Floridian in an interview at Broward Health last year. "We are very excited. We are at ground zero here in Broward. This is the first of its kind being developed here and we are working very closely with the State of Florida to develop this technology."

    While in Israel, @GovRonDeSantis will meet with reps of INSIGHTEC who have invested in Florida.
    Last year I interviewed Chairman and CEO Dr. Maurice R Ferre MD about his company’s new technology for treating Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders!
    — Chris Nelson 🇺🇸 🏝 (@ReOpenChris) April 20, 2023

    Bilateral trade between Florida and Israel reached $651 million in 2022, demonstrating the growing partnership between the two countries, according to the Governor's Press Office. El Al, Israel’s National Airline, recently relocated its U.S. Headquarters From New York City to Florida. There are more than 50 Israeli companies supporting more than 2,400 jobs in Florida.

    The mission will wrap up with a trip to the United Kingdom where the Governor and his delegation will meet with business executives and Foreign Minister James Cleverly.

    By Brenda Fam.

    RePosted from Facebook.

    It is very easy to identify those that put politics before the safety of children. The group “Truth Matters” shows that they do not care about the protection of minority children or the rights of minority parents.

    Women from this group publicly displayed their shallowness and exposed themselves as privileged uncaring individuals at a recent school board meeting. They asserted that parents of school children are not entitled to moral, personal, or free legal assistance from a school board member. They defined rendered aide as a conflict of interest and called for an investigation for providing assistance to a minority mother whose son had been strangled at school.

    Two women, allegedly one the wife of the owner of Shiff Construction and Development, that does construction work for the school district. The other identified as a woman that lives in Sunshine Ranches, a very wealthy area filled with mansions in west Broward.

    Both women are misguided and have their priorities confused. Neither woman, related or showed compassion for the injured minority child or the struggling minority parent that I am assisting. It is ironic because I have provided free assistance to the parents of gay children and no one has called for a cease and disist.

    Another example. One woman objected to my attendance to a Protect the Children rally criticizing my stance on bringing an end to sex trafficking. Conspicuously omitting the Antifa members participated with LGBQT protestors parked across the street in disrupting and protesting against protecting children. Guess these women condone sex trafficking, terrorism, or they didn’t get the memo that the Antifa participants from the LGBQT protestors included terrorists that have since been arrested. Or is it their small minded opinion that I should only be helping gay children of the community and minority children are not worthy? Don’t know their true motivation but from the outside it doesn’t appear altruistic.

    -Brenda Fam, Esq

    End of post.

    A “Truth Matters” rally was scheduled for the Broward School Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 and promoted by the Broward Democrat Party on Social

    Media. “Join the Broward Democratic Party and activists to speak out against misinformation from our Broward County School Board Members who push qanon conspiracy theories and inject their misinformation into the policies of the school board,” the flyer read.

    Some of their speakers praised Superintendent Vickie Cartwright who was just raided by the State for failing to provide documents related to school safety. Here is an interview with one of the people who came.

    Here is some of what they said:

    By Chris Nelson. December 22, 2022. Today, Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Dan Foganholi to the Broward School Board after Candidate Rod Velez failed to take the oath of office within the required 30 days after his election. “The people are pissed,” Velez is quoted as saying in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “Dan Foganholi is a nice guy. But he doesn’t represent their district.” Turns out Velez’s Attorney State Rep Michael Gottlieb is the one who does not represent his district. Records show Gottlieb is registered to vote at a Davie address within the 98th District. However, the Broward Property appraisers website shows he resides in a Million Dollar condo in Ft Lauderdale’s swanky Isle of Venice Community.

    Velez and his attorney cried to Legacy Media reporters in front of the Broward School Board this morning about how Governor DeSantis was “playing politics” and DeSantis-hating reporters like Susanna Bryan ate it up with a spoon and fork. Will Bryan and Local 10’s Saira Anwer include in their fawning coverage of Rod Velez that his Democrat State Rep lawyer does not actually live in the district he resides in? Will Velez include his own attorney when he complains about Dan Foganholi not representing his district?

    This is a developing story. Send news tips to



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    On December 13, 2022

    By Deirdre Ruth

    Filed with the Florida Department of Education

    The Broward School Board voted 6-2 to continue the ADL's “No Place for Hate” curriculum in Broward Schools. This curriculum is riddled with CRT and includes materials on sexual orientation and gender identity materials that is in direct violation of the House bill HB 1557 the Parental Rights in Education Law. I am attaching all of the supporting information of the specific violations.

    Page 12 (see attached) tells the schools to survey the students to see what diverse and equity issues are in the school. How does a program implemented into a school just survey children without the parents being aware of what this survey contains and their permission. Page 12 also gives you a link for their education resources. I clicked the link and here is one of their resources for teachers. It's

    about schools using Anti Critical race theory Laws to ban books. As if this is a topic that the teachers should be teaching or using this resource to influence the children.

    Schools Are Using Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws to Ban Children’s Literature | ADL

    Page 21 in the ADL Resource Guide (see attached) Stating "if we want young people to understand how to engage in changing systems and society it's critical that adults encourage them to do so". that "the first step is to facilitate students learning about the issues in a rigorous and complex way and then be involved in action, advocacy and/or activism". I ask how can a school board push advocacy and activism onto our children?

    Page 24 and 25 is a direct violation of HB 1557 Titled Let's Get it Right: Using Correct Pronouns and Names. Both of these pages are a violation and encourages teachers to violate the law by telling them to do a "get to know you survey" and then asking them to pick their gender pronouns ( page 24 3rd and second to last paragraph). Page 25 goes as far as telling the teachers that if they know the students correct pronouns and names, use them in class and do not rely on "official" or roster information.

    Now to the curriculum I am categorizing these violations within the law. Here are the findings by school levels


    Page 30 shows Ally College for elementary students when you click on the link it leads you to this resource. It clearly starts to cross the lines when it states boys get picked on for looking too girly and girls get picked on for looking too boyish. Clearly indicating gender identity ideology.

    Identity-Based Bullying | ADL

    Page 33 all grade levels

    Grade level: All Grade Levels Use these short films (10 minutes or less) to engage the whole school in conversations about identity, diversity, bias and social justice. Select one or more of the films and view them in class, as a whole school or individually if in remote learning situations. After watching, ask students the following questions (and add more to be more specific) including: What were your thoughts and feelings while watching the film? What is the message of the film? How did the film challenge your thinking? What did you learn about identity, bias, diversity or social justice? You can also engage students in one of these follow up activities: have them write a reflection on the film, make a video recording with their thoughts and reflections, create their own short film on a related topic, or create comic strips based on memorable or impactful scenes. Another idea is to have a schoolwide mini-films festival and watch several films and then compare and contrast them. Suggested films: Float, In a Heartbeat, The Present, Wind, Hair Love, Have You Ever Had a Lunchbox Moment?, Rising (Ad Council), Love Has No Labels: Skeletons, Different and Burger King Bullying Jr.

    Also on Page 33 is the One Book One School curriculum. When you click on the link it leads the teacher to use the activity it suggests the teachers to use ADL's book of the month list books.

    One Book, One School | ADL

    One Book, One School | ADL

    Here are some of the titles that the ADL recommends to the elementary children that are not appropriate.

    Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag | ADL

    Jacob's New Dress (

    Stella Brings The Family (

    George (

    Enough! 20 Protesters Who Changed America | ADL

    Calvin | ADL

    Calvin has always been a boy, even if the world sees him as a girl. He knows who he is in his heart and in his mind but he hasn't yet told his family. Finally, he can wait no longer: "I'm not a girl," he tells his family. "I'm a boy--a boy in my heart and in my brain." Quick to support him, his loving family takes Calvin shopping for the swim trunks he's always wanted, back-to-school clothes and a new haircut that helps him look and feel like the boy he's always known himself to be. As the first day of school approaches, he's nervous and the "what-ifs" gather up inside him. But as his friends and teachers rally around him and he tells them his name, all his "what-ifs" begin to melt away.

    A Place Inside of Me: A Poem to Heal the Heart | ADL

    Call Me Max | ADL

    Page 34 Just Like Me for all grade levels On-Screen Diversity: Why Visibility in Media Matters | ADLwhen you click on the link it takes you to a lesson plan that also describes race, gender identity for all ages this is categorized. Many Families also in the Curriculum also talks of gender identity.

    Report by Broward Schools Parent Dierdre Ruth. December 15, 2022. Submitted to Governor Ron DeSantis, The Broward School Board Members and the Florida Department of Education, Manny Diaz, Jr, Secretary

    By Chris Nelson. December 10, 2022. The Broward School Board is discussing renewing a contract with the Anti-Defamation League, a Left Wing Hate Group responsible for libeling and smearing Conservatives under the guise of fighting Antisemitism. Item I-1 for the Broward School Board Meeting on Tuesday, December 13 is an agreement with the ADL who the District has been partnering with for 15 years according to the Agenda Item. The “No Place For Hate” program includes training sessions w students and faculty. The ADL under Jonathan Greenblatt regularly smear Conservative Jews. Recently they ran a hit piece on Elon Gerberg for his Protect the Children Rally calling his rally “Heightened Threat to Community” and associating him with the Proud Boys and the Goyim Defense League who they say are “virulently Anti Semitic” Elon’s Family is from Israel & he is a practicing Jew. This contract w Broward Schools should be TERMINATED!

    By Brenda Fam. December 9, 2022.

    Huge News. School Board District 5 is planning a huge event to discuss whether it is in the best interests of our children to keep the current Superintendent or do we need change. I am excited to say that Broward County is uniting and we are coming together as a community. District 5 has graciously invited District 6, Sunrise, Plantation, Cooper City, Davie, and Weston to join in at their meeting.

    I hope that my constituents will seize this exciting opportunity to bond with our neighbors from the East and to partner with them to bring about change.

    I hear you loud and clear and I am holding true to my word. I am fighting the corruption, I am prioritizing providing a better education and insisting upon higher levels of school safety. But I am but one voice with one vote.

    Parents, grandparents, community members, ( I’d like to include teachers and staff but we don’t want to cause any school closures), pack the School Board hearing room Tuesday, December 13th. Let your voices be heard. Now is the time to step up and take your schools back. Your children are watching you and they are so proud because you are the hero’s improving the system and bringing about real change.


    Don’t be Mislead about the Protect the

    Children Rally

    Groups and individuals purposefully make erroneous misrepresentations about myself to manipulate the viewpoint of third parties. The goal of knowingly mislabeling person is to alienate that individual from others and to gain compliant behavior.

    There are three ways an an individual responds to a false or negative labeling.

    1. To defend ;

    2. To work hard to prove the label is false; or

    3. To move forward, and dismiss the erroneous accusation.

    I choose door number 3., to move forward.

    I don’t react. Instead, I make a decision to dismiss the unfounded accusation because they are designed to create a disruption and lead to a confrontation. I move forward to emotional and mental freedom. I am carefree from unfounded accusations and know my truths.

    If going to a rally entitled “Protect the Children”; carrying a sign that states “Grooming Leads to Sex Trafficking” is offensive, then so be it.

    Several speakers spoke at the rally and described their experience of being trafficked and being groomed. If my speech about girls, boys, and adults being groomed for sex trafficking saved one person, then my day was a success. Broward is the second leading county in Florida for sex trafficking. One in four girls will be sexually abused before becoming an adult. One in six boys will be sexually abused before reaching adulthood.

    The most important part of my job Is protecting children. Don’t listen to persons trying to redirect the narrative to distract and blurr the message. This tactic is just noise.

    The only time a noise-maker is valued is on New Years Eve. If you support my cause, to protect children you are welcomed to stand next to me. Doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, black, white, Black Lives Matter, or the Proud Boys. The children don’t care who is rescuing them; they just want to be rescued.

    Hope that you have a Happy New Year free from hackneyed labels.

    Brenda Fam

    December 7, 2022



    By Chris Nelson. December 5, 2022. The Libs are back in charge at the Broward School Board and they wasted no time attacking Free Speech. Cutting mics, Prohibiting “attacking” the Superintendent or Board Members or even mentioning their names is being discussed at the December 6 workshop which will be held at 12 noon at the Broward School Board. As Debbi “Hack-a-Thon” Hixon would say this violates the Sunshine Idea! Come and speak up before Lori Alhadeff cuts your mic!

    By Chris Nelson. December 5, 2022. Miami Antifa has reached a new level of intolerance and bigotry. Florida State Senator Shevrin “Shev” Jones spoke at a peaceful counter demonstration in Ft Lauderdale Saturday that was attended by Antifa militants.

    Jones w Organizer Maxx Fenning

    After the Counter Protest which was against the group Gays Against Groomers and their Protect the Children Rally, Miami Antifa took to Twitter to accuse Senator Jones of “siding with the cops” and calling him a “pussy” and a “snitch” and saying he is “not part of our community” and “not welcome at future demonstrations”. Unlike Antifa, Jones has worked tirelessly in Tallahassee to protect the Rights of LGBT people.

    Senator Jones had the Tweet of the Day when he replied “Thank God @MIAAntifaNews can’t tell me where I can and cannot be! I WILL be at the next one and the one after that, just so they know that there’s no room for disrespect, I don’t care who you are!”

    From the Free Florida Editorial Board. November 21, 2022.

    Chairman Torey Alston has done a FANTASTIC job running the Broward School Board these past two months. He respects free speech and runs the meetings in an orderly fashion. We have seen vendors and administrators held accountable under Alston’s Leadership and the incompetent Teachers Union Puppet Superintendent Vickie Cartwright was removed! Not only has Torey been one of the most exceptional Black Leaders Broward County has seen, but one of the most exceptional Leaders, period. He is a role model for all the children in the District which is a rare thing in Broward Politics. Why replace him? Nobody can say he is doing a bad job. In fact Sun Sentinel who are trashing Torey now, said Alston was “well prepared” and had “credibility” when he first took the seat. The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board today sounds much more like the Press Office for the Broward Teachers Union. Torey was appointed by Governor DeSantis and supports Parental Rights and those on the Left do not like that. Alston has also brought much needed stability to the Board and created an atmosphere where people can come to the School Board and speak their mind. Now with a new Board coming in, Sun Sentinel and their Teachers Union allies are pushing for the Board to REPLACE Torey with someone easier for them to control. If you live in Broward PLEASE attend the School Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 22 at 11am at the KC Wright Building 600 SE 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale. If you cannot make it please write a public comment in support of Torey continuing as chair! Submit you comment here. 

    Broward School Board Member-Elect Brenda Fam supports keeping Torey and wrote about it here: Brenda Fam supports Torey Alston to continue as Broward School Board Chair

    Help us Keep Torey as Broward School Board Chair!

    Guest Post by Brenda Fam. Monday, November 21, 2022

    On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, School Board Member, Torey Alston, took the oath of office to become part of the Broward County School Board.

    Mr. Alston is well known for becoming the 1st Student Advisor to the Broward County School Board, for becoming the youngest person in Broward County history to serve in this leadership role (at the age of 38 on the School Board), the 1st Millennial to serve as School Board Chair, and the 2nd Black male in Broward County history to serve as Chair of the Board.

    Since Mr. Alston became chair of the school board meetings, the tenor of the meetings has unequivocally improved, anxiety has diminished and the meetings no longer take an adversarial tone. Mr. Alston brings civility, professionalism, and mutual respect to the meeting and shows genuine interest in the concerns of Broward County citizens.

    School Board meetings are run professionally in a warm welcoming atmosphere, with Mr. Alston presiding in a firm, fair, and consistent manner. Since Alston’s appointment as chair, there are many examples of meetings being conducted with grace and civility, IE. the time limit for residents to speak has returned to three minutes as provided by the district rules, microphones have not been turned off to cut-off speakers, and not one individual has been forcibly removed from a meeting. Meeting attendees feel respected again and have a say in their children’s future. Citizens take solace because they have a voice and Alston is actually listening. Bottom line, residents feel their suggestions are welcomed and that they are being heard. Public comment is valued where it had been previously dismissed.

    Torey Alston has restored community engagement and confidence by inviting parents to be involved and participate in the decision making process.

    It is my sincere hope that Torey Alston will continue serving as Chair of the Broward County School Board. He is a true leader that other board members, including myself, can learn from and emulate.

    Brenda Fam, Esq.

    Broward County School Board District 6

    By Chris Nelson. November 19, 2022. While the Sun Sentinel tirelessly advocates for the recently fired Broward Superintendent Vickie Cartwright, the Broward Principals and Assistants Association is praising the School Board for their Monday decision to fire Cartwright. Executive Director Lisa Maxwell who spoke in favor of hiring Cartwright, wrote the BPAA had “high hopes” for Cartwright and offered solutions but that it fell on “deaf ears” and as a result the district has “spiraled out of control”. The letter goes on to say “Facilities problems, lack of communication and failure to make decisions in a timely manner have only gotten worse” under Cartwright’s tenure. The BPAA says they stand ready to assist in the selection of an Interim. Of their Twitter The Broward Principals and Assistants Association says they are a “not for profit corporation representing the collective interests of school-based Administrators in Broward County”. Read the full letter here:

    By Chris Nelson. November 18, 2022. The case against Broward School Board Member-Elect Rod Velez has caught the attention of the Florida Department of State. Velez, who won his race to represent District 1 on the Broward School Board, was sued by his opponent Marie Murray Martin on Monday. Martin’s complaint claims Velez lied on an official form about his qualification to hold public office. The complaint alleges under Florida Law a candidate must get his right to hold public office restored and Velez did not do that. Velez pleaded to a felony in 1995. Today Free Florida obtained an Email from Ashley E. Davis, Chief Deputy General Counsel at the Florida Department of State. The Email was sent to an individual at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who’s name was redacted. The Email shares the complaint of a false swearing of an oath which is a “third degree felony” and ends “Let me know if we can assist further.”

    The Email copies Nathaniel Klitsberg, Broward Deputy County Attorney.

    Velez is set to be sworn in on the Broward School Board on Tuesday.

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    By Chris Nelson. November 14, 2022. After a tumultuous year and a half with Broward Schools Vickie Cartwright is finally out as Superintendent. During her tenure, Cartwright fought to censor parents by attempting to ban sarcasm or any criticism of her performance. This came after she was exposed being a mask hypocrite after helping her Teachers Union cohorts continue forced masking of children against State Law. Perhaps this was due to the Millions of Dollars being doled out by the Biden Administration to continue these abusive and nonsensical policies. Thumbing her nose at the Governor wound up costing the district $25 Million in fines but that did not stop her from

    joining her Teachers Union pals in claiming poverty before the Broward Commission leading to a full mil Property Tax Increase sneakily placed on the August ballot where only Democrats had a gubernatorial primary earning her the name “Sneaky Vickie.”

    Coupled with her mishandling of the hiring of a new Chief Facilities Officer in a scandal nicknamed “Williegate” which led to a crying out from the Broward Black Community for Cartwright to either step down or be fired, the nightmare finally ended today after two disastrous audit reports led to a motion by Board Member Dan Foganholi and a Second by Chair Torey Alston to remove Cartwright as Superintendent. After intense discussion and a moment where the tension in the room could have been cut with a knife, Board Member Kevin Tynan cast the deciding vote which sealed Cartwright’s fate with Broward Schools at near to 11pm on November 14, 2022. Crying ensued from Board Members distraught over the decision. The show of emotion was humiliating coming from adults who are Elected to make tough decisions. The vote came down both party and gender lines with male DeSantis appointees Alston, Tynan, Serrano, Reiter, Foganholi voting yes and female elected members Alhadeff, Hixon, Rupert, and Leonardi voting no and giving mostly emotional based reasons as to why. Alhadeff said she did not think it was right since the motion had not been advertised but there is no requirement that it must be. Controversial motions, as in the case where the board callously moved to continue force masking children are made all the time. Chair Torey Alston said discussions on appointing an interim to replace Cartwright will happen at the November 15 meeting. Watch my Exclusive Interview:

    Chair Torey Alston and Superintendent Cartwright

    Myself and Scott Travis of Sun Sentinel were the only reporters at the School Board to break this HUGE story. Independent Reporters are increasingly relied by the community on for important news breaks and investigations. Support Independent Reporting! Click Here to Support Chris Nelson’s Work!

    ***UPDATE!!*** After this story was published the Governor took action and Federal Agents were NOT ALLOWED in Florida polling places! That is the power of Free Florida!!

    By Chris Nelson. November 7, 2022. According to a memo obtained by Free Florida, the Biden Department of Justice will be dispatching four Agents who will be “roaming the County” on Election Day in Palm Beach County. The memo claims to be from Cristina Rayos, Field Clerk Coordinator with the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections. It instructs all Field Clerks that they “must grant them access” and treat them the same as Poll Watchers. Read the memo here:

    The DOJ has done this same thing in other States like Missouri where Attorney General John Ashcroft has Tweeted: “It would be highly inappropriate for federal agents to violate the law by intimidating Missouri voters at the polls on Election Day. Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer has rightfully declined to allow this over-reach and the secretary of state’s office fully supports him. If the DOJ desires to meet to discuss this matter further, they may meet at my office instead of trying to bully a hard working county official.“

    UPDATE! After this story was shared the DeSantis Administration responded by saying DOJ Agents are NOT allowed in Florida Polling places! Read here!…ing-in-floridas-election/

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    Below is a Letter from Chris Nelson to John Daly and Amy Shield of Concerned Citizens of Broward County Concerning their Reckless Endorsement of ANOTHER AWFUL Candidate. Oct 30, 2022.

    Context: Concerned Citizens of Broward County are a medium sized Facebook group formed after the Parkland Murders that worked to elect School Board Members who will make Broward Schools safer. Their endorsements carry a lot of weight and they have been successful in getting Lori Alhadeff and Deb Hixon elected. Alhadeff has been pretty decent but Hixon has turned out to be a pawn of the Broward Teachers Union and aligns her actions and votes completely with the Union’s wishes as in the case with illegal forced masking and supporting Vickie Cartwright for Superintendent. Concerned Citizens of Broward are forming a reputation for endorsing AWFUL candidates and aligning with the Broward Teachers Union against Freedom-Minded Candidates who put Parental Rights first. This piece of work Steven Julian is the latest example.

    Here is my open letter to them from Oct 30, 2022:

    Dear Amy and John,

    I read your statement in regard to the MANY messages and calls you received yesterday after the childish and abusive behavior of Steven Julien, School Board Candidate endorsed by your group Concerned Citizens of Broward County was exposed. Now I am even more convinced your group is doing serious damage to our community with your reckless endorsements. You admit in your post you do not even believe in the positions of the candidates you endorse so WHY ENDORSE THEM? The Broward Teachers Union has proven to be a cancer on our community and their candidates are responsible for making Broward Schools unsafe yet your endorsement list is indistinguishable from theirs! Bad behavior is not coming from “both sides” in this case like your letter says, it is coming from ONE SIDE. In this case YOUR CANDIDATE Steven Julian. I do not see any real meaningful condemnation of his abusive behavior at the polls toward Brenda Fam in your letter.

    The part of the letter where you “feel the pain” of those like myself who you have expelled from your group for challenging your endorsements and other positions and use a Leftist buzzword like “marginalized” is insulting. I am not marginalized and I will never BE marginalized because I do not ALLOW myself to be marginalized. Marginalization is a choice and a victim mentality. I do not need your Facebook group to get my message out as I have a substantial platform of my own. Amy and John, your leadership and judgement in this Election Cycle has been awful and it is in the best interest of the children of Broward for you to step down. Your endorsements are putting children in danger and hurting our community.


    Chris Nelson, Concerned Citizen

    CCOB Endorsed Candidate Steven Julian blocking his opponents car and being an ass.

    CCOB Endorsed Candidate Steven Julian with Miami Teachers Union Boss Karla Mats aka Karla Marx aka Karla Hernandez and Broward Teachers Union Boss Anna Fusco. Julian is endorsed by Broward Teachers Union