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    By Chris Nelson. May 7, 2021. In direct defiance of Governor Ron DeSantis' Executive Order, Palm Beach County has joined Miami Dade in renewing their State of Emergency citing the fake pandemic as the reason. On May 3, 2021 Governor DeSantis issued two Executive Orders very similar in language. Order 21-102 which went into effect immediately states "orders and ordinances within the scope of Section 1 based on a local state of emergency or on emergency enactment procedures due to the COVID-19 emergency are hereby eliminated and preempted." Order 21-101 which goes into effect July 1 states "No county or municipality may renew or enact an emergency order or ordinance, using a local state of emergency or using emergency enactment procedures under Chapters 125, 252, or 166, Florida Statutes, that imposes restrictions or mandates upon businesses or individuals due to the COVID-19 emergency." This did not stop Palm Beach Mayor and 5 foot 7 beta male David Kerner and County Attorney Jean-adel Williams from cosigning a seven day renewal of Palm Beach County's Covid State of Emergency which has been in effect since March 19, 2020. In accordance with Governor DeSantis order this State of Emergency is completely invalid. Free Florida has reached out to Attorney General Ashley Moody on what legal action can be expected from her on this matter. Read the order below.

    By Chris Nelson. May 6, 2021. In spite of Governor DeSantis' recent executive orders, school boards are clinging to power and continuing their policies of brutally forcing masks on school children as young as five years old. On Friday May 7, 2021 there will be a protest at Fulton Holland Educational Service Center 3300 Forest Hills Blvd, West Palm Beach at 830am. Bring signs saying UNMASK THE CHILDREN! and STOP CHILD ABUSE!

    By Chris Nelson. May 5, 2021. Governor Ron DeSantis will make an appearance in West Palm Beach tomorrow, May 6, 2021 at 7am at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport, 150 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach. As usual this event, hosted by Club 45, is a highly guarded secret with the flyer instructing to "Please Do Not Post This Announcement to Social Media". Most of DeSantis' events are carefully guarded from public participation and happen with little to no announcement except to the local communist news media, party insiders and Democrat Commissioners. Desantis has done great things this week to Free Florida from over one year of tyrannical reign but still has yet to issue an order to free school children from brutal forced masking and distancing policies they have endured under his tenure. If you would like to voice your concerns here is your chance. Signs should read "FREE THE CHILDREN" and "END FORCED MASKING ON CHILDREN". The event is sold out but DeSantis typically scurries in and out through the back door so he will see you if you position yourself there.

    By Chris Nelson. May 4, 2021. Broward County has officially adopted the teachings of Islam into law. Today, the County Government officially recognized the Islamic month of Ramadan and declared May 13 Aid al-Fitr/Muslim Day. Islamic Commissioner Barbara Sharief introduced the resolution and it was adopted unanimously at the Broward Commissioner Meeting. Sharief is running for Congress to fill the seat vacated by Alcee Hastings. A special election will be held early next year. Islamic Law is suspected to be a strong driver of Broward County's forced masking policy over the last year. In most Islamic Countries women are forced to cover their faces. Broward Government is now under Executive Order to not force masks on citizens but they will not allow anyone into their chambers maskless even though most of the commissioners do not wear them anymore. The proclamation can be read below.

    By Chris Nelson. May 3, 2021. Forced Masking on school children will remain policy for the foreseeable future according to a statement from the Florida Department of Indoctrination. In spite of Governor Ron DeSantis cancelling all remaining restrictions related to the fake virus (Read: NO NEW NORMAL! DESANTIS ISSUES SECOND E.O. ENDING ALL COVID RESTRICTIONS IN FLORIDA IMMEDIATELY!!) the Florida DOE issued a statement tonight reading "To clarify, EO 21-102 only impacts city and county governments and does not impact school districts or individual schools." The tyrants went on, "Moreover E.O. 21-101 (Read here: DESANTIS ORDER AGAINST MASK MANDATES NOT EFFECTIVE UNTIL JULY 1!!! READ IT HERE!!) and E.O. 21-102 only impacts restrictive Covid-19 orders/ordinances that are adopted through emergency enactment. Neither E.O. 21-101 nor E.O. 21-102 impact any school district's policies for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year." Read from the statement below.

    By Chris Nelson. May 3, 2021. A major victory has occurred today for all Freedom Loving Floridians. While most "news" sources are praising Governor DeSantis for banning what are being called "vaccine passports," most are not talking about what else S.B. 2006 does. The newly signed law law limits local government's authority to declare a "State of Emergency", a major blow to many local communist controlled Counties in Florida. The last thirteen months have been trying for South Floridians. Maniacal communist dictators posing as Mayors and Commissioners have put our communities through hell; closing beaches, closing churches, arresting pastors (Read:…to-tyrannical-government/) closing restaurants, forcing masks, all based on a neverending "Countywide State of Emergency". In Broward County, County Administrator Bertha Henry at the direction of the County Government, has remorselessly attempted to turn Broward into a third world shithole all while she rakes in $341,000 per year. She has imposed fines on people for opening their businesses, had business owners arrested (Read:…nds-out-after-3rd-arrest/) attempted to place restrictions on churches, and even threatened to separate people from their families who test positive for the fake virus (Watch:

    ). Henry will retire next year and collect a full state pension based on her income for the rest of her miserable existence. These criminals have yet to face prosecution or penalties for their crimes against the citizenry . Today however, the Florida Legislature passed S.B. 2006 and Governor Ron DeSantis signed it into law. Not only does this law ban "vaccine passports", but it prevents a local government from having a neverending state of emergency. From now on a local state of emergency can last no longer than 42 days, and the legislature will now have power to overturn local edicts under a "State of Emergency". It will also limit the Executive's power to continue a State of Emergency and provide legislative override. Read the text of the new law here: VICTORY!!!!!

    By Chris Nelson. May 3, 2021. Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a SECOND Executive Order which states "all local COVID-19 restrictions and mandates on individuals and businesses are hereby suspended". This order will go into effect immediately. It states, "This order eliminates and supersedes any existing emergency order or ordinance issued by a county or municipality that imposes restrictions or mandates upon businesses or individuals due to the COVID-19 emergency.". It also states "For the remaining duration of the state of emergency initiated by Executive Order 20-52, no county or municipality may renew or enact an emergency order or ordinance, using a local state of emergency or using emergency enactment procedures under Chapters 125, 252, or 166, Florida Statutes, that imposes restrictions or mandates upon businesses or individuals due to the COVID-19 emergency.". This order entitled 21-102 will "bridge the gap" as DeSantis said in his press conference until the State of Emergency (E.O. 20-52) expires where E.O. 21-101 will go into effect July 1, 2021. What does this mean? MASK MANDATES ARE EFFECTIVELY FINISHED IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA. Read order below.

    By Chris Nelson. May 3, 2021. (****UPDATE!!! NO NEW NORMAL! DESANTIS ISSUES SECOND E.O. ENDING ALL COVID RESTRICTIONS IN FLORIDA IMMEDIATELY!!) After one year of suffering abuse, discrimination, refusal of service and arrest, the unconstitutional, illegal and immoral mask mandates that remain in many Florida Counties will be cancelled. Without ever once mentioning the word "mask", Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order #21-101, but unlike what he indicated in his press conference it does not go into effect until July 1! The specific text of the order reads: "In order to protect the rights and liberties of individuals in this State and to accelerate the State’s recovery from the COVID-19 emergency, any emergency order issued by a political subdivision due to the COVID-19 emergency which restricts the rights or liberties of individuals or their businesses is invalidated." Very nice. However it goes on to say: "Nothing herein prohibits a political subdivision of the State from enacting ordinances pursuant to regular enactment procedures to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its local population. Only the COVID-19 emergency orders, as defined in SB 2006, enacted prior to July 1, 2021 are hereby invalidated." This could leave a loophole for local tyrants to continue their evil reign. Also nothing is included in this order that will ensure the unmasking of school children. Read the entire order below!

    By Chris Nelson. May 1, 2021. You are invited to a ReOpen South Florida Pizza Party! Last weekend Gov DeSantis and the Palm Beach Commissioners paraded around Maskless essentially declaring their stupid mandate null and void. They do not have to wear them, neither do you! Reports are the Delray Beach Marketplace is run by good people who respect freedom. We will meet at 6pm tonight, May 1 in front of the marketplace then go in for a slice. We will be recreating the now famous pizza photo with the Governor and commissioners. See you there!

    • WHERE: 33 SE 3rd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

    • WHEN: Saturday, May 1, 2021: 6:00 PM DELRAY BEACH MARKET

    By Chris Nelson. April 29, 2021. Pasco County School Superintendent Kurt Browning has done a 180, saying he "misspoke" when he told the school board his forced masking policy hinged on Governor DeSantis' State of Emergency order. On April 5, Pasco County lifted their mask mandate, but Browning took to Facebook and stated, "I cannot in good conscience abandon our health and safety protocols at this time." Translation: "I will continue to force small children to reinhale their own carbon dioxide for eight straight hours a day for the foreseeable future so a teacher doesn't catch the sniffles." The following day Browning shifted the blame to Governor Ron DeSantis stating he "heard the outcries and that his intention is to lift the mask mandate at the end of April when Governor DeSantis lifts the State of Emergency." He then wrote on April 6 in a written statement on Facebook, "The authority of Pasco Schools to require masks is dependent on whether or not Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order is extended beyond the expiration date of April 26. If the Executive Order is not extended, the district will have no choice but to make masks optional." Free Florida was the first to cover the story (PASCO SCHOOLS ADMIT! "AUTHORITY TO REQUIRE MASKS DEPENDS ON STATE OF EMERGENCY") Now, two days after DeSantis renewed his State of Emergency order (Read: RINO!!! Governor Ron De$anti$ EXTEND$ $tate of Emergency Continuing Forced Masking on Children), Browning is doing a complete 180. In a video posted to Facebook on April 28, Browning days that he "mis-spoke" when he told the school board his forced masking policy hinged on DeSantis State of Emergency. This is in spite of the fact that his verbal statements were later backed up by a written statement meaning Browning also "mis-wrote". In the two minute video Browning says he went back over school board policy and says "the policy indicates the superintendent can require masks at times of emergency". He continued, "in this situation where we have a pandemic, that is an emergency... we will continue requiring masks in our schools of our students, our staff and our guests that come into our campus." Browning failed to lay out parameters for what constitutes an emergency but CNN says we are in one so that apparently is good enough. Browning went on, "I apologize for any confusion I may have caused" (apparently due to his posting one thing, then weeks later posting the exact opposite). "I want to make it patently clear that my decision to require masks for the remainder of the school year is not, has not ever been dependent on an order from the Governor." He ended by saying that most people emailing him angry about his mask order were "just confused" by his stating it depended on the Governor's order and "now I am doing something totally different." (Watch the video here:
    ) Browning has been a government bureaucrat his entire adult life. According to Wikipedia "Browning's political career began in 1975 when he started working in the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections office. In 1980, he was elected as the Pasco Supervisor himself, as a Democrat. At 22 year old, he was the youngest county elections official in Florida history. He served in that position for 26 years, until his appointment as Secretary of State" Browning was Secretary of State to Governor Charlie Crist from 2006 to 2010. He then resigned to comply with state pension laws but was reappointed by Governor Rick Scott from 2011-2012. He was elected Superintendent of Pasco County Schools in 2012 where he has been ever since. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Browning "a retired Florida secretary of state and county election supervisor had received a $426,897.40 DROP payout — his accrued monthly pension payments over that time, plus interest — soon after his April 30, 2010, retirement. He also began getting his monthly pension payment of $7,273.29 at that time." Browning now draws a $137,835 per year salary in addition to his pensions from previous governmental posts. Cited posts are attached.

    By Chris Nelson. April 27, 2021. ***This is a correction to an earlier story which erroneously reported that Gov DeSantis had allowed the Emergency to Expire.**** Governor Ron DeSantis has extended the State of Emergency in Florida another two months with a warning to "prepare to resume non-emergency operations". This will put the State of Florida under a state of Emergency for a total of 15 months. It has been revealed that DeSantis' State of Emergency is directly tied to the forced masking of children (Read here: PASCO SCHOOLS ADMIT! "AUTHORITY TO REQUIRE MASKS DEPENDS ON STATE OF EMERGENCY") The internet is filled with speculation and misinformation on this issue (which Free Florida has regrettably contributed to, but corrected). The order in its full text can be read below.

    By Chris Nelson. April 26, 2021. Disgraced Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie's fate will be decided by the Broward County School Board on Tuesday. Commissioner Dale Holness has been busy using official Broward County letterhead to boost pro-Runcie events like the gathering Friday in front of the school board building (Read about it here…estrated-by-dale-holness/) Holness used his letterhead again to turn people out for Runcie at Tuesday's meeting, where school board members will decide whether to fire him or keep him on as Superintendent after his arrest.***Call to Action!!*** Go to the Broward School Board Building, 600 SE 3rd Ave, Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 130pm and stand up for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas victims like Meadow Pollack, who lost her life due to Runcie's corruption! If they let you in, go in! (Most likely you will be forced to mask). If you can stand outside, stand outside! It is time for justice for the MSD victims! It is time for Runcie to go! See Holness announcement below.

    By Chris Nelson. April 26, 2021. Some of the most heavily censored individuals on the Internet will gather to address Big Tech censorship tomorrow in Palm Beach County. Join Laura Loomer, Michelle Malkin, Nick Fuentes and others at Trump Corner, 10913 N. Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens from 4:30-6:30 on Tuesday April 27 for a Press Conference on Big Tech Censorship. A combination of Big Tech censorship and a derelict local news media are the reasons exist. If you have been under a rock and have not been affected by Big Tech Censorship, consider this. At an event on Saturday, Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer warned, "If we do not reign in Big Tech, no Republican will ever win in another election ever." She warned Governor Ron DeSantis that he will lose re-election if he does not take action.(Read here: Laura Loomer Calls For Tech Tyrants to Be Arrested at Marjorie Taylor Greene Event!) Join Laura and other Big Tech Freedom Fighters on Tuesday and be sure to subscribe to Free to access additional features like list of businesses that do not require masks. See you there!

    By Chris Nelson. April 24, 2021. You are invited to the Patriot Day Bash aka MAGApalooza on Sunday, April 25 from Noon to Dusk! Featured artists include Forgiato Blow and bands Sucker Punch and Trip Machine. There will be food, beverages and vendors and a ton of MAGA loving freedom people! The venue is Niki's Tiki Bar, 350 SW 12th Ave, Pompano Beach. It is sponsored by Have Carrera, and See you there!

    By Chris Nelson. April 24, 2021. Congresswoman and Rock Star Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke to a crowd of about 500 people this morning in Indian River, but the last speaker was the one to watch. Palm Beach Congressional Candidate and Big Tech Warrior Laura Loomer took the stage to call for the arrest of tech Tyrants Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Bill Gates. "They are silencing you, they are silencing me, they are silencing the President and they will silence anyone who gets in the way of them implementing their technocracy," said Loomer. Loomer who said she has filed paperwork to run for Congress again in 2022, said she will call on the Justice Department to file perjury charges against Zuckerberg, Pichai and Dorsey for lying to Congress when they testified in 2018 about censorship on their platforms. "What is it called when you lie to Congress?" asked Loomer. "Perjury". Loomer cited that Tech giants Twitter and Facebook staff 75% of their workforce with migrants from nations hostile to America. Loomer said these include nations like China which practice communism and Saudi Arabia which practice Sharia Law. "I don't want someone who follows Islamic blasphemy laws to decide what I can and cannot say!" said Loomer adding that Tech tyrants have each raked in nearly one trillion dollars during the "pandemic". Loomer had a warning for Governor Ron DeSantis. After pointing out that DeSantis' Big Tech Bill would not protect Federal candidates from Florida like her and President Trump and that DeSantis only beat Andrew Gillum by about 33,000 votes, Loomer said, "Big Tech can and will sway 33,000 votes easily and steal this election," said Loomer. "Big Tech Social Media Censorship is the biggest issue facing the world right now," said Loomer. "If we don't find a solution to address Big Tech Tyranny, there will never be another Republican elected ever again to any position in this country, you have my word." Loomer called the Chinese Virus "An exaggerated flu." "A 99.7% recovery. I have probably had bouts with food poisoning that were worse than Covid!" said Loomer. Video of Loomer's speech can be seen here on Facebook where she is not allowed!…985018&id=100059541435664

    By Chris Nelson. April 24, 2021. While businesses and sheeple insistently comply with an unenforceable mask mandate, the politicians who implemented the mandate are ignoring it. Governor Ron DeSantis attended the grand opening of the Delray Beach Marketplace today and the crowd was mostly maskless. This is no big deal except the same communist scumbags who just voted to continue the Palm Beach mask mandate another month were there to.. Maskless! If they can do it, SO CAN YOU! Do not wear a mask EVER AGAIN! Pics below!

    By Chris Nelson. April 23, 2021. On the heels of the arrest of Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, Free Florida has been provided with documents showing a troubling pattern in school curriculum. On the basis on anonymity, a teacher with a Broward Schools has provided documents that show a racist, anti-American and pro-LGBTQ curriculum is being taught to children as young as kindergarten. "Broward County School Policy Board Policy MANDATES (emphasis added) that "diversity" be promoted in the classroom," reads an email from a Broward Elementary Principal. (The name has been verified but redacted). "Diversity is expressly designed as being inclusive. An inclusive curriculum can include but not limited to, literature written by LGBTQ authors, history including LGBTQ public figures, discussion of families including LGBTQ parents, recognition of LGBTQ events or history months. Our students will be exposed to literature and the discussions centers around how it takes everyone to make our community great!" the Email concludes. According to the source within Broward Schools, the District does not believe it has to inform parents of this type of curriculum because they label it "diversity". This curriculum includes pro-LGBTQ children's books like "Pride" by Rob Sanders which celebrates the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to office in California. Milk had a romantic relationship with a 16 year old boy named Jack McKinley when Milk 34. The source provided screen shots of other books they will be required to teach students next semester which include vicious Anti-American, Anti-White, Pro-Marxist, and Pro-Witchcraft titles. One is called "The Beautiful Struggle" a memoir by Ta-Nehisi Coates. In the description, Coates says his father was "committed to raising proud black men equipped to deal with a racist society". Another is "Into the Streets" by Marke Bieschke described as a "visual voyage through resistance in American history which include "LGBTQ demands for equality, Black Lives Matter Protests and George Floyd protests" (somehow the Tea Party made it on that list as well). The Anti-American books are plentiful including "You Call This Democracy?" By Elizabeth Rusch which talks about "Issues with the Electoral College and Voter Suppression", "Undocumented: A Worker's Fight" by Duncan Tonatiuh, "the story of immigrant workers who have come to the United States without papers". The list includes books that attack the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment including "Fault Lines in the Constitution," by Cynthia Levinson and Sanford Levinson, "The Second Amendment and the Fight Over Guns" by Hana Bajramovic promises you will "discover the truth about the Second Amendment and the NRA" and "Glimmer of Hope, the official Definitive Book from the March for Our Lives Founders". Books celebrating voodoo and witchcraft are also on the docket for the fall semester including "American Street" by Ibi Zoboi, "a lyrical exploration of America with magical realism and voodoo culture". The days of learning about young Ben Franklin appear to be over. Supporting screenshots are attached below.

    By Chris Nelson. April 22, 2021. This is a correction to a previous post. Governor DeSantis will be in Delray Beach this Saturday for a Grand Opening Event. A protest to END MASK MANDATES and END THE STATE OF EMERGENCY will be held outside the event! Bring signs and let Gov DeSantis know it is time to get back to normal life!!

    • WHERE: 33 SE 3rd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

    • WHEN: Saturday, April 24th, 2021: 9:00 AM DELRAY BEACH MARKET