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    What does the resistance look like? 10 simple ways to fight back.

    I’m not one to believe in easy fixes. All I know is we must break out of the matrix – their matrix — and help others do the same.

    1. Delete Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. They are more than willing to hand over your data to the government and sell it to their corporate buddies. If you do decide to stay on any of these platforms, do so for reconnaissance purposes only. View them to find out what the other side is talking about. If you post anything, do not make it about your personal business, issues, dealings or opinions. This is enemy territory! Ditch Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Explorer and Edge. Replace these browsers with It is not only more private, you will find it runs faster and smoother without all the spyware attachments. Some patriots tell me they like even better than In place of Youtube, use Bitchute and Rumble.

    2. Dump Amazon. Shop local or order directly from businesses online. Remember, it was Amazon that ganged up with Apple and Google to shut down the conservative social-media site Parler, literally canceling millions of conservative voices from the Internet overnight and robbing a private enterprise of its hard-earned wealth. The owner of Amazon is Jeff Bezos, one of the richest and most wicked men in America. Bezos is a modern-day robber baron. He has probably put more Americans out of work than any of his fellow robber barons like Walmart and Costco, but that’s not all. He purchased the Washington Post for the sole purpose of using it as a propaganda rag for the very globalists who declared war on DT’s America-first movement. For four years the Post was one of the main sources, along with the New York Times, to which traitorous government bureaucrats leaked information, almost all false, in a direct attempt to embarrass and destroy Trump. They twisted his words, took them out of context, gas lighted the country, and showed their contempt for everything patriotic, right and good.

    3. Cancel all subscriptions, online or in print, with mainstream media. That includes national publications like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and your local newspapers. They are all garbage. There may be, in rare cases, an independent local newspaper that consistently reports fair and balanced news, but this is now less than 10 percent of newspapers in America. The rest are owned by a few large chains totally in bed with the establishment, and all of them were cowed by the Democrats to cover up negative, fact-based reports about Joe Biden before Nov. 3 while jumping on false reports about Trump being a racist, a xenophobe, a corrupt businessman who was just out for himself. Ditch them. Today. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Can’t emphasize this enough.

    Replace your newspaper subscriptions at the national level with the Epoch Times and also donate to LifeSite News. I get the majority of my news now from these two publications, along with scanning alternative sites like Whatfinger News,, Canon 212, Gateway Pundit and the National Pulse.

    4. Drop Disney, Netflix, Hallmark Channel, NBA and NFL. I am amazed at how many good Christian people still subscribe to Netflix, which aired and defended the disgusting pedophile-friendly movie “Cuties.” Disney is now producing cartoons for children featuring LGBTQ characters and monetarily supports a host of heinous far-left causes. Same for the once-wholesome Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Cards has demanded that Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri return donations received by his campaign through its PAC. Hawley’s mistake? He was one of the few Republican senators to object to certifying the election. Tune out the NBA, NFL and any other sports or entertainment enterprise that used the star-status of their players, actors, singers, etc. to encourage and glorify the “mostly peaceful” BLM riots last summer.

    5. Phase out Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Verizon, Hotmail, AOL and Comcast email services. Open an account with ProtonMail, a free, encrypted email service with servers based in Switzerland.

    6. Get off of Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp. Replace Facebook with Gab, MeWe, or CloutHub. For more secure texting go with Signal and Telegram.

    7. Ditch Fox News, and don’t trust Newsmax. Replace with, OANN, Real America’s Voice News and Rightside Broadcasting. Use sites such as, Gatestone Institute, Frauds Crooks and Criminals and Technocracy News and Trends for thoughtful analysis that goes beyond the day’s headlines.

    8. Do not support the national Republican Party. Drop it now. Do not give money to it. The time for politics as usual is over and Mitch McConnell’s party is a politics-as-usual enterprise. We are not going to win anything through the establishment’s system on a national level ever again, because this system has now been exposed as a complete fraud, a trap to entice God-fearing people, only to sell them out when the chips are on the line. We saw how quickly the powers that be in the GOP wanted to move on from DT and how eager they are now to aid the Democrats in their plan to toxify the Trump presidency. It’s not enough to defeat DT. They are now moving to crush his supporters. This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in American political history. Focus your efforts on getting good, honest people with strong backbones elected to local offices. Get an honest person elected as governor of your state. COVID has shown us how much power governors have at their disposal. Clean out your state legislatures, targeting corrupt RINO Republicans for primary competition.

    Georgia, as an example, is one of the most politically conquered states and this happened with the governor’s mansion and every statewide office held by Republicans. They were all traitors. Tear up the ticket and start from scratch in the primaries. It will take time, but we now know who the traitors are. Anyone who defends Gov. Brian Kemp, SOS Brad Raffensperger, AG Geoff Duncan, or State House Speaker David Ralston is either living under a strong delusion or is part of the corrupt system. Do not listen to them.

    9. Stop doing business with the enemy. Stop shopping at Walmart, which publicly castigated Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., for challenging the fake election. Stop ordering from Amazon and focus on spending your money with local small businesses whenever possible, even if it means driving 10 or 20 miles to a neighboring city or town where a local vendor has what you need.

    10. Understand that sources of independent news and analysis like this one could disappear unexpectedly, and try to support them. It’s probably not a matter of “if” but “when.” In preparation for the day when this site gets taken down by its server host, WordPress, I am working on a backup plan.

    Micheal I suggest calling to get a religious exemption for your son from PBC health department and do it quickly before they remove this option. Here is contact below I did this for my nephew:

    Good morning,

    Department of Health provides religious exemptions for school aged children only. Please call 561-625-5180 to schedule an appointment for your child’s exemption. Form will be issued at that time.


    Marcia Woodham, RN

    Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County

    Community Health Nursing Consultant/Immunization Program Manager

    1050 W 15th St

    Riviera Beach, FL 33404

    561-530-6867 (o)

    561-662-1940 (c)

    561-841-8578 (f)

    “The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually. Congressman Dave Weldon has pointed out that the primary metric for success across the CDC is how many vaccines the agency sells and how successfully the agency expands its vaccine program—regardless of any negative effects on human health.”

    -Robert F Kennedy, Jr

    This is all a test same with masks. Yes it will fail if everyone says no and airlines will suffer. Unfortunately the mask compliance is high so they will keep pushing to see what they can get away with. CDC is a vaccine company that is benefiting from the the push.

    The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th - 29th, 2021

    The Greater Reset is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset.

    We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and choice.

    We invite you to join us for 5 days of discussion about the diverse opportunities available for those who seek to live in harmony with humanity and the planet, while respecting our innate freedom.