When someone is spreading misinformation like this, you should question the integrity of that person.

    SB 2006 DOES NOT force vaccinations on everyone and was not supported by the godless commies (lefties).

    People, do your own research and stop taking things at face value or what someone tries to tell you.

    One little blurb of a paragraph does not define the bill as a whole! Do your own research and stop believing everything you are told.

    For those who do care about the truth, start with this...

    First off, our governor just passed laws making vaccination passports, businesses asking customers if they have been vaccinated, and schools requiring vaccinations ILLEGAL.

    Actually, the godless commies do not support or like this piece of legislation, because it gives DeSantis the power to override counties and municipalities in a state of emergency.

    For example, he just used this new power to make mask mandates illegal for ALL, vaccinated or unvaccinated.

    "Florida lawmakers gave final approval Thursday night to a bill that would make permanent a ban on COVID-19 vaccine "passports," while also handing Gov. Ron DeSantis power to override local orders during health crises and directing state agencies to plan for future pandemics.

    The Senate and House agreed on the final wording of the wide-ranging emergency measure (SB 2006), after Sen. Jason Pizzo, D-North Miami Beach, tried unsuccessfully to make a change directed at a Miami private school that is reportedly discouraging teachers from getting COVID-19 vaccines as the co-founder cites debunked side effects of vaccines."…f-of-covid-19-vaccination