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    As seen on Telegram:

    NEW - California study finds that vaccinated individuals are more susceptible to COVID variant infections than unvaccinated.

    In addition, the increase in the frequency of more antibody-resistant strains in the population correlates with the increase in the frequency of vaccination in the population.

    Predominance of antibody-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants in vaccine breakthrough cases from the San Francisco Bay Area, California
    Associations between vaccine breakthrough cases and infection by SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) variants have remained largely unexplored. Here we analyzed…


    P.S. you can also request Prophylaxis which I believe will be Ivermectin…

    I figured we are already using the z-stack so that’s the prophylaxis.

    If you get the Treatment, you want to start using it Day1-3….


    I’m so sorry for him and his family.

    Everyone > 45 and/or has comorbidities needs to be taking this prophylactic stack of vitamins daily:

    Quercetin 500mg

    Vitamin C 1000mg

    Vitamin D3 5000IU

    elemental Zinc 30mg

    Dr. Zelenco has the convenient z-stack, or you can build your own.

    Vladimir Zelenko MD
    Vladimir Zelenko MD

    How it works:

    Zinc kills the virus.

    Quercetin helps the zinc get into the cells.

    Vitamin C makes the Quercetin most effective.

    Vitamin D3 boosts your immunity.


    My husband and I each got the Treatment Rx in case we ever get sick with the bioweapon. We are in the high risk category because we are >45.

    We used and using the Medici app. It’s all texting inside the app once you get started.

    Ask for Dr. Ben Marble and go from there. We got another doc but it doesn’t matter who you get…we got these Rx:





    It is free, and if you feel like it you can make any contribution.

    If you have older family members maybe you can help them get this.

    It’s very individual, because we all have different health info, so each person has to do it for themselves. My husband has a stent so they left off the HCQ from his Treatment.

    FYI…I hope someone finds this information helpful!

    Others have used Frontline Doctors - it’s $90 for the teledoc meeting.

    We should try to merge, as we all have the same goals!

    The main purpose of this website is to provide information concerning so-called "VirusesVaccinesFederal Civil Rights" and the dangers of unhealthy, poisonous, dangerous and potentially deadly Vaccines. We are also standing, arguing & fighting against the Big Tech CRIME of Social Media Censorship. Plus, we are standing, arguing & fighting for the Federal Civil Rights and Human Rights of people throughout the world.

    Sabatini recently kicked off his run for Congress.

    I’m Florida’s MOST conservative #AmericaFirst patriot—and I’m running to defeat leftist Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy in FL D-7 to win the House back for the GOP

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    I just came across this on Telegram in Stew Peters timeline in a chat.

    I have 4 chows, but you need Rx from the vet (plus unnecessary blood test) from the vet to get it.

    We use Heartgard, which does not contain any other chemicals. (I don’t do chemicals except for Ivermectin for my furbabies)

    I have heard you can get the horse version in an apple flavored paste from Tractor Supply.

    Is it human safe, do we know?

    Hey Dan, since DeSantis signed that law stating mask enforcement is Unconstitutional, (present, past, and future) you now have a solid clad case to SUE THOSE BASTARDS!! Good job on the video!

    This happened to me as well, only in Gainesville TJs they had blue painters tape all over the handle of the cart, no flag, and wanted me to use that. I was like, why? The guy said, so people will recognize you (not wearing a mask)...I’m thinking how retarded are these people?! Can’t they see that my face is not covered? When I got to the register I asked the cashier if this was the handicapped cart.. :P

    The same treatment you got in ztrader Joe’s is what I experienced in Best Buy here. I was bullied and the guy threatened to call the cops. No one in the store would give me the guy’s last name. =O

    I want to sue Best Buy!! AND Trader Joe’s. Need to find out how. Maybe call Anthony Sabatini?

    Have you guys heard about Dr. Zelenco?

    I used to follow him on Twitter until he got kicked off, and then we all got kicked off with Trump on Jan 8.

    Zelenco protocol...he offers both prophylactic and treatment protocols.

    So far the only place I trust to get HCL or Ivermectin is the Frontline Doctors.

    I haven’t done it yet, still looking for something cheaper. But the idea of getting it from a local pharmacy seems the best.

    Do we know if Nuremberg Code overrules this?

    And do we know how to implement?

    Has anyone written DeSantis and if so, could you kindly share your letter?

    I would like to write to him to get this mandatory vaxx off the books.

    The problem with an EO is some subsequent governor can undo it, if I understand correctly how this works.