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    Omg....this would be a hard NO if this involved any child of mine! Some States have passed laws now saying parental consent is not required and they will be vaccinating the kids at schools this fall. They are also getting ready to vaccinate children as young as 2 years old. It is estimated this will begin next spring but I betting it will start earlier. Last time I checked in VAERS, they had listed 8 children under age 10 as dying from the vaccine, one was an infant who was part of a study by Pfizer. I have been waiting for Americans to reach the tipping point concerning all of this but it has not happened. To say I am disappointed in humanity today would be an understatement . What is it going to take for people to become enraged by what is worldwide genocide?? I had really thought when they came for the children that would surely be the tipping point, but no. I never dreamed I would see this in my lifetime. I always wondered how Germans allowed the Holocaust to happen, well now I know. Just wait till people see the geo fencing techno surveillance they are going to enslave all of us under, what is coming is so so horrible!! So dark.