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    Dan, I challenge you to go to the library maskless. DeSantis has forbidden any punishment for not wearing a mask. You can not trespass at the library as it is a public place. Also, don't forget, trespassing is not the only charge being used. You are civil disobedient if you don't wear a mask. While technically, the charge has nothing to do with the mask, must of us know it has everything to do with the mask. It is simply a game of words.

    I must disagree that it is 'simply a game of words". There are people getting shot dead for refusing to wear masks here in Palm Beach County and in Miami.

    I tried to go into the library (Needed to print something off their computers) here in Palm Beach County late last summer with a mask in my hand. Mind you I was the only patron in the building... I hadn't taken two steps (while *very* slowly pretending to make an effort to half-assed put on my mask...) before I had both librarians rush me, yelling to put my mask on. "Mask UP! MASK UP!!" And of course, it took about another 5 seconds for both security guards to also come (full speed) RUNNING, brandishing unholstered tasers... I turned to leave at that point. They very loudly informed me that I WOULD BE PUTTING THE MASK ON TO BE ESCORTED OUT OF THE BUILDING. (Two over six-foot NFL built MEN hysterically holding me captive unless I permit them to trigger my CPTSD which would have triggered a life-threatening asthma attack.) (um.... no.)

    I pointed out they were holding me prisoner; step away from me and let me LEAVE.


    No. I *don't* NEED to be escorted. You NEED to stop assaulting me, brandishing weapons and violating my civil rights.

    I turned around, took 2 steps and left through the fire exit. Boy, that was a loud alarm.

    In hindsight, I should have pursued charges against all four of those employees but did not recognize at that point the magnitude and commitment of those determined to destroy our Constitution and health.

    Still, the experience proved the painful cognitive dissonance being acted on from the psychological torment that is being perpetrated against those who believe themselves to only be protected and safe if all members of the hive comply with EVERY illogical, random, rights-violating directive, whether it flip flops one day to the next, or not.

    If those two armed, powerful men understood that from my perspective (as a psychologist) they were telling everyone they grew up poor, physically abused and under-educated as so did all their adult role models growing up, I'd put money on them reconsidering their behavior.

    Ignorance can turn to grave, clear and present danger instantly in the propaganda-soaked environment we currently live in.

    I travel all over the country (driving!) and can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that walking into a crowded gas station anywhere in the Lower 48 and quickly calculating the percentage of mask-wearers (regardless of signs on doors) is directly correlated to the red vs blue politics of that county.

    Westcoast_Ginger Thank you. Is there a tax credit we can get for not having the child in public school that we can use to pay for the option you linked to?

    I do not have that information. I do know that when we homeschooled, there was no such thing. We paid for all books, activities, memberships in museums and science centers, zoos, rock climbing clubs, camping trips, etc., etc., everything came out of our pocket and it was still less expensive than the annual fees the public school charged for books, supplies, field trips, sports, etc.

    Masks and (many!!) vaxx have no PROVEN benefits, but many proven counter-indications for a vast percentage of humanity. IN THAT, they are pseudo-medical, (prophylactic at best) *experimental* medical treatments.

    Under the bounds and definitions included in the internationally agreed-upon Nuremberg Code (1947), no one can be 'forced' to submit. Otherwise, those forcing submission are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

    I am definitely Anti-Vaxx/Anti-Mask; myself and my family members have had sufficient pre-Plandemic experience with pulmonologist, neurologists and other medical specialists to instantly recognize all of the psyop non-medical fear porn that has been flooding the uninformed general public.

    No, it's none of anyone's damn business what my doctors and I have discussed as the diagnosis' or treatment plans for them that have made both masks & vaxx heavily counter-indicated for my (very common!!) potentially life-threatening conditions.

    The facts are out there, if you choose to educate yourselves and not be swept into the whirling vortex of hogwash. I'd love to come out on the other side with more living friends than dead ones.

    Can you give me an example please

    Yes! I will preface this response by making it clear that I homeschooled my 4 kids a decade ago before we had any of the options that exist now. While there are a multitude of "K-12 Online" opportunities (as I'm sure anyone can Google), the one that I would suggest from personal experience is the K-12 branch of Liberty University (link included, below). Having attained my degrees from their post-secondary branch, I can assure that, inasmuch as they are a Christian school, they are absolutely all about considering all points of view and teaching students to form their own opinions and positions from ethically sound logic and facts, not from any kind of political or relilgious bubble that leaves kids unprepared for 'the real world'.

    I am positive that they aren't the only game in town, in exactly the same way that our local public school districts are also not your only option.…=email&utm_campaign=71976

    Asthma, COPD and many psychological diagnosis' counter-indicate any sort of masking. *If they choose to go this HIPPA violation route,* you can simply point out to them that "your family has been traumatized enough and you will not be triggering your child into a potentially life threatening reactive situation by gagging her because they can't find a spare room for her to sit alone in to complete their public school garbage." Or something similar, you get the idea.

    Side note, homeschooling has been made so much easier and self-directed in the last few years, this is something that all public school districts are required to accommodate. There are many free options out there that would put her in a better position for post-high school life and/or education with little set-up, paperwork or monitoring from you.

    The difference between what they are trying to do and how 'homeschool' would work, from your end, is essentially non-existent. From their end, they lose all sorts of government funds for every kid whose butt isn't in one of their seats. Virtually or in person. Screw them.