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    Thank God for Governor DeSantis calling a special session! This happened DESPITE Wilton Simpson, not because of him. He's speaking at an event in The Villages on Saturday. I organized this protest before Gov. DeSantis's announcement today. We're not going to let Simpson off the hook! We still need to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he passes the strongest legislation possible. There are already concerns that the proposed legislation has too many loopholes and dances around banning mandates instead of actually banning them.

    Simpson also needs to know that we're on to him and are wise to his horrible record in Florida. He kills bills, appoints Democrats to key legislative committees, is another good ole boy who cares more about status and power than actual Floridians. Join me in protesting him!

    See more info at the link:…/1451245665946947584?s=20

    How are the cruise lines able to enforce this? Is there a loophole? Like you don't have to show proof of vaccination in order to purchase a ticket, but once you're on board (international waters?) they can require it? It sounds like what they do with gambling. You're not allowed to gamble in port but once the ship hits international waters they open up the casino and the duty free shops etc. I knew something like this was going to happen. Unfortunately, this is the way the law works. There are loopholes and workarounds for everything.

    I used to be a yacht stewardess in FLL. In order to get around onerous US tax laws, they'd take the boat out 3 miles offshore into international waters, complete the sale of the boat in international water, not US waters, and then bring it back into port. Then it's an "international sale" and not subject to many of the tax laws of the US. That's what people do.

    Let's just hope there are enough pissed off cruise ship passengers getting treated like second class citizens that it prompts an angry backlash and gets them to stop.

    The problem I see with some of the above solutions (hit them in the money and replace the school board) is time.

    We do not have time on our side. They're rolling out the vaccines NOW. Elections aren't until the fall of 2022. They have enough money to last them for at least a couple years, it's not going to collapse tomorrow.

    We do not have time. If they roll out new mandates for the fall session, elections won't help nor will hitting them in their pocketbook.

    The only solutions are:

    1) Pull your kid out of school
    2) FIGHT

    From here on out, nothing comes without either RISK or SACRIFICE.

    Sacrifice means you might have to give up a car, a house, a job, an income, or something else in order to pull your kid out of school to homeschool.

    Risk means that you might have to start engaging in things and doing things that are slightly unlawful to start getting some results. I have some ideas as to what this could entail but use your imagination in the meantime. Think about the Boston Tea Party. They didn't just go back to the town hall and keep begging King George's spokespeople for permission to be free. They had to take ACTION.

    So be it.

    Choose your hard. It ain't getting any easier, folks. Remember, THIS IS WAR.

    I see it was unsuccessful. How much longer do we beg and plead our overlords for permission to be free? It seems that playing by their rules gets us nowhere. Hate to say it but we're going to have to get more radical. I have ideas, but not sure how much desire there is to take this up a notch. Maybe people will just resign themselves that masks are here to stay for the remainder of the school year. But this fight isn't over. What happens when they decide they want to mandate the mRNA vaccination for children? What will you do then?

    If you didn't get them to budge on masks, I guarantee you they won't budge on vaccines. So you have two choices: 1) Remove your child from public school or 2) Fight back. Like, strategically. This is war. Hate to say it, but you must recognize the threat. They're playing chess and we're playing checkers. They have all the power, they're the adults putting their foot down and saying 'No' to the petulant little children who keep annoying them. That's how they view us. Why would a parent give in to a child who demands they eat cereal every night for dinner and wants 3 hour long recess at school every day? No amount of arguing is going to change their minds.

    So what can we do? Well, you can have another rally at their next school board meeting, nothing wrong with that. But I think over the summer there needs to be a serious effort to regroup and strategize how to move forward for the fights that are coming for the next school year. There needs to be a vastly different, more serious strategy in place. And a more serious strategy necessarily involves more risk. No risk = no reward.

    These people are evil. This is a battle of good vs. evil. Something sinister is afoot. So you either let your children become yet another casualty in this war, or you fight back. And I don't mean by waving more signs at a school board meeting and hoping they'll finally grant you permission to be free.

    If you've still got friends who are under the impression that the NPIs did anything at all to slow the spread of Covid, share this chart with them:

    It was created by the heroic Tom Woods using publicly available data. If all these measures and mandates worked, it should show up in the data somewhere, right? Wrong.

    It's not enough for them to be removing mask mandates now "because of the vaccine". We need to smash to smithereens the entire narrative that the masks did a bit of good in the first place! Never again.

    Share, share, share!

    Everyone is scared. Parents are fed up but they're afraid of retaliation. Then you have things like the video above where they've got armed guards at the prison -- err, I mean school -- and you definitely don't want to try and pull any stunts there.

    Not only that, in many places, you're not allowed to enter your child's school. Due to Covid, of course, so drop off only. Because even if parents were to send their kid without a mask, they would just be handed one as soon as they walked in the door and you're not allowed to go in and advocate for your child.

    I don't know if one big March would be better or regional ones around the state on the same day. And I guess with the school year being so close to being over, most parents are honestly just going to white knuckle it the last few weeks.

    I know up here where I'm at, the local charter school that is the biggest school around has already said masks will be optional for summer school and the fall. So I think since there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, parents are more inclined to just leave well enough alone. We needed this energy 6 months ago, sadly.

    We need to send a big message. We need to have a huge statewide rally, a "March for Children". The way the left has a March for "Science" and a March for "Women", we should just do the same thing and have a March for Children. If you're against it, you're anti-child, that's how it works, right?

    Flood the streets with parents and children. Stage a walk out or do it during school hours to send a message. But it needs to be BIG. And I'm sorry, but I'm not above personally showing up at these school board members' houses. They're personally fucking with the lives of children, they need to be held responsible (non-violently) for their actions. Something has got to give. I'm so sick of this!!

    Patriots_Need_To_Do, please join up with (Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity). I know the chapter organizer for the Orlando area is planning something on Sunday, April 25th, a sign waving or something.

    Join at

    Contact Linda or Ray directly here to get more details about what they're planning: or

    As an organization, we're planning on staging a protest at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in May. The SoBeWFF organizer went on CNN and basically said he's going to defy Gov. DeSantis's exec order and you can only enter the event if you show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.

    We have to send a message that a "papers please" society, is NOT OK! We must oppose this hard and strong if we stand any chance of beating it back.

    Hopefully ChrisNelson will help us organize it and get the word out.

    Rox0005 Find "Parents for Informed Choice" on FB. They have a good group dedicated to health freedom. They started their group before Covid even hit. They've been pretty active about trying to fight back against mandatory vaccination legislation and they've been trying to get mask mandates rescinded in Lee Co. but have been unsuccessful so far.

    From Alachua County:

    "Alachua County Commission Chair Ken Cornell has revamped the County’s Emergency Order to create different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The order, which has already been signed and is now effective, will also be discussed at tomorrow’s Alachua County Commission meeting, where the county commission will have an opportunity to modify or ratify the Order."

    Read the full article here:…and-unvaccinated-persons/

    Hi all!

    I just wanted to bring your attention to an organization that was created a few months to fight back against what's going on. Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity ( is trying to unite Florida residents and businesses to stand up against insane mandates.

    The organization was started by Sibel Edmonds. Those of us who've been in the liberty movement for quite some time might recognize that name. Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI whistleblower who at one point in time was considered the most classified woman in American history. This was in the early 2000s. She preceded Snowden. She wrote a book about her ordeal which dragged on for over a decade. She's since dedicated her life to exposing government crimes and fighting for freedom.

    All of this is to say that anything with Sibel's name on it has serious merit and credibility.

    We're putting together regional chapter organizers. Jennifer Cabrera is leading the Gainesville/Ocala chapter. Jennifer has been heroic this past year putting all of the FL Covid numbers into context and fighting back against the propaganda that FL is somehow cooking the books and fudging the data. She writes regularly at the Alachua Chronicle and her Twitter feed is a treasure trove of daily info and data @jhaskinscabrera.

    I recently signed on as the chapter organizer for The Villages and greater Sumter and Lake Counties. I run a few local and state liberty-oriented groups and am looking to take on a more active role in promoting liberty. I'll be attending a conservative event tonight headlined by Col. Douglas McGregor and Anthony Sabatini. The so-called conservative organizers of this event have mandated masks for the event, I plan on calling them out for their lack of adherence to conservative principles, namely personal freedom and responsibility, in mandating masks at a venue that does not require it.

    Please head over to and take a look at it. Sign the petition to Gov. DeSantis, join FUAMI, if you're a business owner in the state of FL whether you're customer-facing or not and are not abiding by any of this madness (not requiring masks, vaccines, social distancing, etc), get your business listed, and chip in a few smackers for the cause so we can start putting up billboards and hosting events.

    Thanks for your support!

    P.S. I think ChrisNelson would be an excellent candidate for a Broward County chapter organizer. If you're interested, let me know and I can put you in touch with Sibel and we can start growing our network.