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    This is not entirely accurate. Nobody has been withheld a promotion, nor have they threatened to do so. In fact, when asked about it specifically, administration said they would never do that. "Send you to a bad station"? Also not accurate. First of all, there are no bad stations. Secondly, they moved people that were not vaccinated to stations where they could be together in order to send one truck, instead of multiple trucks, to meet with our department doctor so he could speak to them. It's worth noting that this is a temporary deal. Just for a shift. Your source is a coward to remain anonymous. He or she is not getting their way so they are crying to you. Our department has gone out of their way to make this process as easy for the personnel as possible. Whether you agree with vaccination or not, they have the best intentions. Safety for the combat firefighter in Pembroke Pines is always a priority.