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    I don’t like this at all! Permanent ban or nothing. We are going to do some patriotic shit.

    Frankly, I do not see how anyone with half a brain and a scintilla of critical thinking would exhibit patriotism towards this country. After all, it shits on you and wants to displace you. It is about bloody time that folks start asking what America can do for them that will truly be in their best interests.

    Is Governor DeSantis capitulating and cucking on this COVID "vaccine" conflict? I hope not! As I told folks last year, the mask had nothing to do with health but rather a test of compliance and submission. Sure enough, I was dismissed and ignored. If tonnes of folks had flouted the mask mandates, then the powers that should not be would have difficulty ramming through the "vaccine" mandate.

    So you wanted Biden and his administration? We must thank you for vaccine and mask mandates. What exactly are you doing here?

    Hell no...I did not want Biden as president. However, I do not put Trump on a pedestal whatsoever. It seems many of you continue sweating Trump. I refuse to be a patriotard who believes America does no wrong and its shit does not stink. Frankly, I get sick of these patriotards thanking these idiot veterans for their services.

    I have already been terminated for sharing the court case on South Florida Appellate court finding mask mandates unconstitutional with my co-workers because my conduct did not positively support their mask mandate from my job in June of 2021 after pushing back since April 2020. I have sent emails and made phone calls to request support on this bill. I intend to continue to hammer them all weekend. I tried to share this on F*C3book and was not allowed to post it for being offensive or inciting violence.! This crap has to stop. We The People say ENOUGH AND NO MORE! Thank God for people like Anthony Sabintini!

    Since the South Florida Appellate Court ruled that the mask mandates were unconstitutional, does that mean those who were arrested for flouting the mask mandates are eligible to file lawsuits against the offenders (law enforcement and businesses)?

    As a nurse of 20 years...I cannot believe I stand to lose everything over this. I have given my ALL to serve others and this is the respect I get. I've treated hundreds with covid including my own family and I'm still alive to speak about it. If it was about health officials would be encouraging healthy diets, healthy weights, exercise, proper supplementation. Most of us know exactly what this is and what it isn't but most are too terrified to speak out. If we don't stop this tyranny now there will be no end to what they can force upon us and our children. I plead with my fellow citizens...please stand up. Please dont allow this great nation to fall into chaos as they want it to. We are never going back to normal, this much is true. But we can, if we stand now, determine how that new future is to be shaped. Don't be the generation responsible for the fall of everything those before us have fought for.

    Cry me a bloody river! You nurses and medical workers basked in the glory of being on the frontline. You received extra pay for dealing with "COVID" patients. You perpetuated the mask-wearing by overhyping the dangers of COVID knowing that obstruction of airflow poses major health risks. By the way, folks who refused to engage in oxygen deprivation via mask-wearing were arrested and had their civil rights violated. Since Beijing Biden wants to mandate you nurses and others to be jabbed in order to continue your employments, you are crying over the infringement of your rights?! Just like the dumbasses who enlisted in the military and either died or return physically and psychologically maimed fighting for Zionist interests, I do not harbour a smidgen of sympathy and compassion for you nurses. You all chose to participate in the scamdemic and political theatre. Ergo, live with the consequences!

    Good luck on finding a lawyer who will represent her. In other words, do not hold your breath. So many folks whose civil rights were violated when they were arrested for flouting the unconstitutional mask mandates cannot get any lawyers to represent them. Lawyers would rush to represent paedophiles and degenerates than law-abiding citizens.

    Correct me if I am in error, but DeSantis said that mask mandates will not be implemented throughout the state and school districts in contravention of his order will face defunding. Those parents who allowed their children to attend school in masks ought to be ashamed of themselves; they are utter cowards.

    Someone in this conversation thread suggested that folks should get lawyers and sue the cruise lines. Where the hell were all these lawyers when folks' civil rights were infringed upon by being unlawfully and illegally arrested for being maskless?


    Lo and behold, these unconstitutional and asinine mask mandates have been rescinded throughout the country. Like others, I was arrested unlawfully for not wearing a mask in a library last year. Theretofore, I had some respect and sympathy for police/law enforcement. However, I was knocked for six at police taking action against law-abiding citizens who refused to deprive themselves of oxygen via mask-wearing all the whilst allowing BLM and Antifa scum to wreak havoc throughout the country. I recall seeing a video on this website of man being denied service at a Home Depot and getting in to salty verbal exchange with a law enforcement officer who ordered the man to leave. I realise that most folks on this website are law-abiding and patriotic. However, I was disabused of the notion that police/law enforcement officers operate in good faith after my arrest last year and others that I watched online. Would it behoove the public to view police/law enforcement with disdain and distrust or what? I would like others to weigh in on this topic.

    From the article.

    It's probably the same for Florida. That's why Desantis is keeping the EO going. I figured it's about the money before but didn't know how much.

    I am in Wisconsin and have bitched for months to a few senators about the governor's unconstitutional mandates and his abuse of power. I have been unable to work for numerous months because these goddamned employers have been obeying these mask mandates. If you are not willing to deprive yourself of oxygen via mask-wearing, you will not be allowed to work. I make no apologies for requiring oxygen in order to function efficiently and properly. As I suspected, these unconstitutional mask mandates have nil to do with public health; they are pegged to federal funds. Supposedly, the federal funds are for food stamps and hunger. I cannot help but notice that hunger remains despite all the money that has been used to combat it over the years.