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    The US MSM is still winning, so far. And there are many believers. There are a lot of people I talk with who are clueless on the magnitude of the protests in Europe and Australia and especially the police brutality in Australia. Until they are significantly impacted, they are happy. So as long as the changes keep creeping in, they will remain clueless.

    This is what our govt wants. Very scary. Either I missed it or it was not mentioned, I wonder how the shops and cafes are doing. Is there enough compliance so that they don't lose too much business?

    I know this is hard for many of you to believe or want to believe, but DeSantis is fully aware of what has been going on in south Florida including Dan's incident. DeSantis is a polished politician who knows what to say, however, he has been very weak at enforcing or acting on threats. Below is a c&p from telegram that I think sums up DeSantis's accomplishments quite well.

    Ron DeSantis 2021 accomplishments:

    1. Signed EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 21-102 (Suspending All Remaining Local Government Mandates and Restrictions Based on the COVID-19 State of Emergency) To end mask mandates from counties and cities in Florida and ends all outstanding emergency orders, as well as limiting future orders to be more short term. Threatens to remove local officials over mask mandates.

    We still have numerous mask mandates throughout the state.

    2. Signed EXECUTIVE ORDERNUMBER 21-175(Ensuring Parents' Freedom to Choose- Masks in Schools) which prohibits school districts from imposing mask-wearing requirements as students return to classes in August. Sanctions may target employee salaries or result in the removal of school board members.

    No funding has been withheld, no school board official removed from post.

    3. Signed EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 21-81 (Prohibiting COVID-19 Vaccine Passports) and later signed Senate Bill 2006 into law, which would ban vaccination passports, and give the governor power to override local orders during health crises and directing state agencies to plan for future pandemics.

    Vaccine passports are used throughout Florida. Especially with cruise ships. Even a few local governments and school districts have imposed them. Local municipalities ignore governor’s orders they do not agree with.

    4. Signed CS/HB 1 - Combating Public Disorder. Supposedly the 'Strongest' Anti-Riot, Pro-Law Enforcement Bill in Country. Creates a new second-degree felony called an “aggravated riot,” which occurs when the riot has more than 25 participants, causes great bodily harm or more than $5,000 in property damage, uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon, or blocks roadways by force or threat of force.

    The Cubans were free to block many major highways during their recent protests. In addition, DeSantis left a clause in the bill permitting forced vaccination in Florida.

    5. Signed Senate Bill 7072 to hold Big Tech accountable by driving transparency and safeguarding Floridians’ ability to access and participate in online platforms and to stop the Censorship of Floridians by Big Tech. Also the bill intends to prohibit Big Tech from de-platforming Floridian political candidates. The Florida Election Commission will impose fines of $250,000 per day on any social media company that de-platforms any candidate for statewide office, and $25,000 per day for de-platforming candidates for non-statewide offices. Any Floridian can block any candidate they don’t want to hear from, and that is a right that belongs to each citizen — it’s not for Big Tech companies to decide.

    Who among us has not been censored by Big Tech. Big Tech has become Big Propaganda. No company has been restricted Floridian censorship.

    These are all commendable initiatives. Unfortunately, all the orders/laws are frequently ignored and not one person has been held accountable for violating them. So what has DeSantis really accomplished by signing all these great orders and legislation?

    Good luck on finding a lawyer who will represent her. In other words, do not hold your breath. So many folks whose civil rights were violated when they were arrested for flouting the unconstitutional mask mandates cannot get any lawyers to represent them. Lawyers would rush to represent paedophiles and degenerates than law-abiding citizens.

    Why is that? Are lawyers being black balled for standing up to the cause just like doctors that are being harassed?

    DeSantis has done nothing but talk for the last 18 months. It is time for him to start backing all that bark he spews across Florida. Below are just a few topics DeSantis continues to do little to none.

    I could keep going, but you get the drift. No, I am not voting for Gilium or Fried. But unless DeSantis starts backing his talk, he will lose the next election and any hopes for the WH.


    1. Law took effect 3 days ago, courts require “standing “ for all conservatives, so standing has to b developed. Also, what is your awareness of the back channel comms here?

    2. Cruise lines are not subject to state law once they get to 12.1 NM off the coast, therefore they can ask and do whatever they want at that point, subject to the limits of US law. DeSantis knows this (Navy lawyer), and knows even your Great Sabatini can’t do anything about it.

    3. If an individual experiences harm by Carnival, they need to sue under the FL law. DeSantis can’t fight every battle for us. He’s given US the tools, now use them.

    The cruise ships are forcing those not vaccinated to get travel insurance before they board the ship. The cruise ships definite are not waiting to go 12 miles off shore before asking passengers if they are vaccinated or not The fact is, vaccine passports do exist in Florida. The cruise lines need to be fined by Florida as the law allows or find a different port to operate out of.

    It is up to the citizens to document what the cruise lines are doing and then sue. They are breaking the law its 5,000 per violation people need to start documenting and hire attorney and stop depending on Desantis for everything. The man non stops working and has done alot for our state. Everyone in the whole world is looking at Florida for hope so stop complaining about Desantis and be grateful. Happy 4th!

    The law is set up for the state to fine the cruise ships, not private citizens. It is 100% DeSantis's responsibility to ensure the the cruise ships adhere to Florida law!

    Crabman, that’s incorrect. It’s a $5k fine per offense - that’s the law (takes effect 1 July). What is your source for this? If you witnessed it, report it! DeSantis can’t run around enforcing every law personally.

    Now some destinations (Bahamas, Jamaica, DR, etc.) require vaccinations, so if a cruise line is going there, that is a gray area.

    You obviously quoted me from a different post and accidentally posted in this post. But for cruise ship reference see here.

    Dan, I think you missed the sarcasm of the original post by MaximumFreedom . And I still think you missed my original point, why create a law that will never be enforced. And if it is not enforced, then no one can say vaccine passports or vaccine requirements do not exist in Florida. None of this has anything to do with the future election.

    Let's just hope there are enough pissed off cruise ship passengers getting treated like second class citizens that it prompts an angry backlash and gets them to stop.

    Florida is by far the best state in the US to operate a cruise line. If the cruise ships had to make a choice of operating outside of Florida with vaccine passport requirements or operating in Florida with no vaccine requirement, they would cave and remove the vaccine requirement.

    Has Sabatini given any indication he's running?

    We are not discussing who is running for Governor, we are discussing the fact that DeSantis never holds any company or individual accountable for violating the EO or breaking the law. He simply does not walk his talk. And since he does not believe in accountability, local mayors and cruise ship industry ignore the law and do what they please resulting in vaccine passports being allowed in Florida.