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    I am asking is there anyone or a company that is anti mask anti vaxx hiring that needs an operator/switchboard/reception/front office person ? I am a retired 911 Telcommunication Supervisor (20 years service). Unfortunately my resume was lost in a hard drive failure . Looking for some work. I am located in Palm Beach County. I would be cheap as my pension limits my other job to 20K a year

    Folks the American left, and right, are in fact one party owned and operated by and for Wall Street ( the Big Money Internationalists who in fact OWN this Slave Camp.) While we may openly have the appearance of a two party system, the fact that the same big money buys all significant factions that operate in politics, has ensured that we have a De Facto one party system. The people 'choose' nothing and merely SELECT from among candidates chosen for them. No matter which person wins this or that race over all the Moneybags win EVER SINGLE election as they CHOOSE who would be running with their money donations. This is the reality. This single party system, is internationalist, and has absolutely no loyalty to the common majority American in any way shape or form, having as its stated goal the end of diversifying our nations --diversifying being a euphemism for less majority citizens, and more foreign barbarians, whose sole purpose in the country are to drive down wages, lower standards of living, divide the majority, dilute and destroy our unique identity, and thereby insurer that we can never vote our way out politically correct serfdom to the one party plutocrat money bag system, which will have destroyed all these things we love. The one party system will if allowed its way, take our land, destroyed our heritage, break up our homes, and more generally make us homeless serfs, on the continent our fathers conquered. The one party system, both democrat and republican, promote political correctness and neoliberal economics, the democrats have an emphasis on political correctness and its social values, while the republicans place their emphasis upon neoliberal economics; however, they both to a lesser or greater extent support all political correctness and neoliberal economics.

    Not so fast . He did not specifically state anything or is there anything in this that strips school districts from continuing to mask our Children and it also say not a word about companies that force their employees to take a jab or wear a mask . As we have seen in PBC they went against DeSantis about a flag and they will do the same here. TRUE VICTORY IS HAVING OUR KIDS MASKLESS IN SCHOOLS and COMPANIES NOT REQUIRING MASKS AND JABS . DeSantis could have addressed these issues but didn't. I woukd have been impressed if he said to these municipalities to knock off the masks or be held accountable to the full extent if the law . I want to see various county commisioners jailed for what they did to us . Lastly why aren't we asking DeSantis why he put us through this in the first place . He is as culpable as the rest of them .

    I am noticing there are alot of political posts in this forum and non Florida related articles being shared in here

    Can we keep this forum non political unless it directly effects outcomes of legislation and things related to masks and vaccinations in Florida and not elsewhere and protest and events to tackle mask and vaccine unconstitutionalities in Florida

    I see this forum deviating from its purpose

    I see this problem over and over when these types of sites are made then they quickly evolve into something off its focus

    How is this moved to the recommended businesses when its a search of and not me recommending a business ?

    I think people read the body after the heading they will get an idea

    Family Practice/Internal Medicine doctor homeopathically/holistically minded anti mask and pro freedom minded as I tried to book an appt with Dr. McNabb but was told he is specific to chiropractic related issues after I was told otherwise by a fellow member here .

    Lastly same thing with a high school for my son that is anti mask and pro freedom minded

    Palm Beach County preferred but willing to go to southern Martin County area

    anything on High School's (Private/Christian) ? My son is locked in one more year at a place that allows us a partial face shield extending upward to cover the nose . Looking for the next school year after this upcoming one .

    Not correct. Chris Nelson was fined for not wearing a mask. A judge ruled in favor of Broward county ignoring DeSantis's order about not punishing those who don't wear a mask. DeSantis has done absolutely nothing to dissuade local government mask enforcement. His recent extension of the EO shows he has no intentions in addressing his orders being defied by the southern counties. The only thing I am afraid of is DeSantis not supporting the people in south Florida. And yes, I am looking for company for calling DeSantis out for doing nothing about the south county mask mandates.

    You are so right sir . Dan seems to be stuck in the sis boom bah club of not thinking a republican/conservative can be against us . He can lift it all by signing his name to a paper. Dan please realize that Your Golden Boy Ronnie isnt doing enough or he is being handsomely pad off to screw these off us trapped in South Florida

    I was passed some information last night that is in the process of being researched and confirmed by my team that OUR GOVERNOR DESANTIS may indeed be an investor in Moderna . YES THE MODERNA WITH A VACCINE ...if this is true WE AS FLORIDA HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM .

    Just like God does not want us Luke Warm as its a foul taste to him it is the same way with our Constitution as you cant fence sit or walk a fine line its you follow it or not and walking a fine line is not following it...PERIOD. Crab I understand that but many are so enamored with their political idols .

    So what about our Constitutional Rights or is walking a fine line there too ? Im sorry anyone that walks a fine line and assists in unconstitutional orders and allows of these events to happen deserves not to be reelected or even deserved to govern WE THE PEOPLE. Dan our Election system has been selections and after this past November you really think a fair election is ever going to happen again ? Keep living in that stary fantasy land. Walking a fine line against the Will of The People just means you are no better than the democrats or are a democrat in disguise .