Grettings and Help needed

  • Hi Everyone mt name is Michael and I live in Boynton Beach and am looking for doctors in the following fields that are mask free visits .

    Family Internal Medicine


    Eye Doctor

    and Pediatrician

    I am so tired of this nonsense . I am willing to travel a 25 mile area .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  • Hi michael, I am an optometrist in Boynton Beach. Would be happy to see you and your family- no need to wear a mask. The office name is iSee VisionCare and the number is 561-733-9008.

    Looking forward to seeing u. Erin Sonneberg

  • Eye Dr- see above. I’m going to see her too! My family is going in April, was going to recommend!

    Dentist- I posted before, my Dentist is Juno Beach Smiles. All Patriots there, no masks worn that weren’t worn before! Let them know I sent you! +1 (561) 622-7243

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