Loki Luck III {LL-3} Podcast Ep. 1640: DeSantis's Leadership Question After Open Carry Fails

  • I recall living in Florida when the open carry was legitimate and people showed their rifles in the weapons racks of pickup trucks. Because of the Cocaine Cowboy Era, the state assumed they knew better and the voters consumed it.

    Furthermore, if someone still believes that the police are obligated to protect individuals? Address documented evidence, as opposed to unsubstantiated rhetoric.

    Propaganda succeeded once again through fear, honorable Floridians need to emulate Underdog instead of Sweet Polly Purebred. Remember Article 1 Section 2 of the Florida Constitution, Basic Rights is self-explanatory, open carry can be achieved by petitioning a Constitutional Amendment & have the voters decide, plus void the illegal law by Jury Nullification. No victim, no crime.

    Finally, many people want to prevent shootings in schools, which is perfectly understandable, but why do the media and politicians not question the cases of SSRI, the assailants on psychotropic medications? Because it's too convenient for them in my respectful submission, just follow the money.

    P.S., Ask your Sheriff on open carry, the answer shall decide if they're constitutional or not. The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine still thrives in the Sunshine State.

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