Florida State Rep Michael Gottlieb Does Not Live in District He Represents, Records Show

  • By Chris Nelson. December 22, 2022. Today, Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Dan Foganholi to the Broward School Board after Candidate Rod Velez failed to take the oath of office within the required 30 days after his election. “The people are pissed,” Velez is quoted as saying in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “Dan Foganholi is a nice guy. But he doesn’t represent their district.” Turns out Velez’s Attorney State Rep Michael Gottlieb is the one who does not represent his district. Records show Gottlieb is registered to vote at a Davie address within the 98th District. However, the Broward Property appraisers website shows he resides in a Million Dollar condo in Ft Lauderdale’s swanky Isle of Venice Community.

    Velez and his attorney cried to Legacy Media reporters in front of the Broward School Board this morning about how Governor DeSantis was “playing politics” and DeSantis-hating reporters like Susanna Bryan ate it up with a spoon and fork. Will Bryan and Local 10’s Saira Anwer include in their fawning coverage of Rod Velez that his Democrat State Rep lawyer does not actually live in the district he resides in? Will Velez include his own attorney when he complains about Dan Foganholi not representing his district?

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