Broward Schools to Discuss Contract with Leftist Hate Group

  • By Chris Nelson. December 10, 2022. The Broward School Board is discussing renewing a contract with the Anti-Defamation League, a Left Wing Hate Group responsible for libeling and smearing Conservatives under the guise of fighting Antisemitism. Item I-1 for the Broward School Board Meeting on Tuesday, December 13 is an agreement with the ADL who the District has been partnering with for 15 years according to the Agenda Item. The “No Place For Hate” program includes training sessions w students and faculty. The ADL under Jonathan Greenblatt regularly smear Conservative Jews. Recently they ran a hit piece on Elon Gerberg for his Protect the Children Rally calling his rally “Heightened Threat to Community” and associating him with the Proud Boys and the Goyim Defense League who they say are “virulently Anti Semitic” Elon’s Family is from Israel & he is a practicing Jew. This contract w Broward Schools should be TERMINATED!

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