Broward School Board Member Backs District 5 Meeting to Address Superintendent Issue

  • By Brenda Fam. December 9, 2022.

    Huge News. School Board District 5 is planning a huge event to discuss whether it is in the best interests of our children to keep the current Superintendent or do we need change. I am excited to say that Broward County is uniting and we are coming together as a community. District 5 has graciously invited District 6, Sunrise, Plantation, Cooper City, Davie, and Weston to join in at their meeting.

    I hope that my constituents will seize this exciting opportunity to bond with our neighbors from the East and to partner with them to bring about change.

    I hear you loud and clear and I am holding true to my word. I am fighting the corruption, I am prioritizing providing a better education and insisting upon higher levels of school safety. But I am but one voice with one vote.

    Parents, grandparents, community members, ( I’d like to include teachers and staff but we don’t want to cause any school closures), pack the School Board hearing room Tuesday, December 13th. Let your voices be heard. Now is the time to step up and take your schools back. Your children are watching you and they are so proud because you are the hero’s improving the system and bringing about real change.

  • Would like to know more about this project to reform schools please. I tried to join the Saturday event, maybe I misunderstood if it's online. ? I'm a grandparent activist for kids, and Im in Pasco County, we have enormously woke school & a list of major problems.

    Look forward to collaborating. Also maybe reach out to FL Citizens Alliance and CCDF Polk County both great organizations working for the same.


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