Miami Antifa Calls Gay Black State Senator “P*ssy” “No Longer Welcome”

  • By Chris Nelson. December 5, 2022. Miami Antifa has reached a new level of intolerance and bigotry. Florida State Senator Shevrin “Shev” Jones spoke at a peaceful counter demonstration in Ft Lauderdale Saturday that was attended by Antifa militants.

    Jones w Organizer Maxx Fenning

    After the Counter Protest which was against the group Gays Against Groomers and their Protect the Children Rally, Miami Antifa took to Twitter to accuse Senator Jones of “siding with the cops” and calling him a “pussy” and a “snitch” and saying he is “not part of our community” and “not welcome at future demonstrations”. Unlike Antifa, Jones has worked tirelessly in Tallahassee to protect the Rights of LGBT people.

    Senator Jones had the Tweet of the Day when he replied “Thank God @MIAAntifaNews can’t tell me where I can and cannot be! I WILL be at the next one and the one after that, just so they know that there’s no room for disrespect, I don’t care who you are!”

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