We MUST Keep Torey Alston as Broward School Board Chair!

  • From the Free Florida Editorial Board. November 21, 2022.

    Chairman Torey Alston has done a FANTASTIC job running the Broward School Board these past two months. He respects free speech and runs the meetings in an orderly fashion. We have seen vendors and administrators held accountable under Alston’s Leadership and the incompetent Teachers Union Puppet Superintendent Vickie Cartwright was removed! Not only has Torey been one of the most exceptional Black Leaders Broward County has seen, but one of the most exceptional Leaders, period. He is a role model for all the children in the District which is a rare thing in Broward Politics. Why replace him? Nobody can say he is doing a bad job. In fact Sun Sentinel who are trashing Torey now, said Alston was “well prepared” and had “credibility” when he first took the seat. The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board today sounds much more like the Press Office for the Broward Teachers Union. Torey was appointed by Governor DeSantis and supports Parental Rights and those on the Left do not like that. Alston has also brought much needed stability to the Board and created an atmosphere where people can come to the School Board and speak their mind. Now with a new Board coming in, Sun Sentinel and their Teachers Union allies are pushing for the Board to REPLACE Torey with someone easier for them to control. If you live in Broward PLEASE attend the School Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 22 at 11am at the KC Wright Building 600 SE 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale. If you cannot make it please write a public comment in support of Torey continuing as chair! Submit you comment here. 

    Broward School Board Member-Elect Brenda Fam supports keeping Torey and wrote about it here: Brenda Fam supports Torey Alston to continue as Broward School Board Chair

    Help us Keep Torey as Broward School Board Chair!

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