Broward School Board Member-Elect Brenda Fam Supports Keeping Torey Alston as Chair

  • Guest Post by Brenda Fam. Monday, November 21, 2022

    On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, School Board Member, Torey Alston, took the oath of office to become part of the Broward County School Board.

    Mr. Alston is well known for becoming the 1st Student Advisor to the Broward County School Board, for becoming the youngest person in Broward County history to serve in this leadership role (at the age of 38 on the School Board), the 1st Millennial to serve as School Board Chair, and the 2nd Black male in Broward County history to serve as Chair of the Board.

    Since Mr. Alston became chair of the school board meetings, the tenor of the meetings has unequivocally improved, anxiety has diminished and the meetings no longer take an adversarial tone. Mr. Alston brings civility, professionalism, and mutual respect to the meeting and shows genuine interest in the concerns of Broward County citizens.

    School Board meetings are run professionally in a warm welcoming atmosphere, with Mr. Alston presiding in a firm, fair, and consistent manner. Since Alston’s appointment as chair, there are many examples of meetings being conducted with grace and civility, IE. the time limit for residents to speak has returned to three minutes as provided by the district rules, microphones have not been turned off to cut-off speakers, and not one individual has been forcibly removed from a meeting. Meeting attendees feel respected again and have a say in their children’s future. Citizens take solace because they have a voice and Alston is actually listening. Bottom line, residents feel their suggestions are welcomed and that they are being heard. Public comment is valued where it had been previously dismissed.

    Torey Alston has restored community engagement and confidence by inviting parents to be involved and participate in the decision making process.

    It is my sincere hope that Torey Alston will continue serving as Chair of the Broward County School Board. He is a true leader that other board members, including myself, can learn from and emulate.

    Brenda Fam, Esq.

    Broward County School Board District 6

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