Florida Dept of State Refers Velez Case to FDLE

  • By Chris Nelson. November 18, 2022. The case against Broward School Board Member-Elect Rod Velez has caught the attention of the Florida Department of State. Velez, who won his race to represent District 1 on the Broward School Board, was sued by his opponent Marie Murray Martin on Monday. Martin’s complaint claims Velez lied on an official form about his qualification to hold public office. The complaint alleges under Florida Law a candidate must get his right to hold public office restored and Velez did not do that. Velez pleaded to a felony in 1995. Today Free Florida obtained an Email from Ashley E. Davis, Chief Deputy General Counsel at the Florida Department of State. The Email was sent to an individual at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who’s name was redacted. The Email shares the complaint of a false swearing of an oath which is a “third degree felony” and ends “Let me know if we can assist further.”

    The Email copies Nathaniel Klitsberg, Broward Deputy County Attorney.

    Velez is set to be sworn in on the Broward School Board on Tuesday.

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