Vickie Cartwright REMOVED as Broward Superintendent!

  • By Chris Nelson. November 14, 2022. After a tumultuous year and a half with Broward Schools Vickie Cartwright is finally out as Superintendent. During her tenure, Cartwright fought to censor parents by attempting to ban sarcasm or any criticism of her performance. This came after she was exposed being a mask hypocrite after helping her Teachers Union cohorts continue forced masking of children against State Law. Perhaps this was due to the Millions of Dollars being doled out by the Biden Administration to continue these abusive and nonsensical policies. Thumbing her nose at the Governor wound up costing the district $25 Million in fines but that did not stop her from

    joining her Teachers Union pals in claiming poverty before the Broward Commission leading to a full mil Property Tax Increase sneakily placed on the August ballot where only Democrats had a gubernatorial primary earning her the name “Sneaky Vickie.”

    Coupled with her mishandling of the hiring of a new Chief Facilities Officer in a scandal nicknamed “Williegate” which led to a crying out from the Broward Black Community for Cartwright to either step down or be fired, the nightmare finally ended today after two disastrous audit reports led to a motion by Board Member Dan Foganholi and a Second by Chair Torey Alston to remove Cartwright as Superintendent. After intense discussion and a moment where the tension in the room could have been cut with a knife, Board Member Kevin Tynan cast the deciding vote which sealed Cartwright’s fate with Broward Schools at near to 11pm on November 14, 2022. Crying ensued from Board Members distraught over the decision. The show of emotion was humiliating coming from adults who are Elected to make tough decisions. The vote came down both party and gender lines with male DeSantis appointees Alston, Tynan, Serrano, Reiter, Foganholi voting yes and female elected members Alhadeff, Hixon, Rupert, and Leonardi voting no and giving mostly emotional based reasons as to why. Alhadeff said she did not think it was right since the motion had not been advertised but there is no requirement that it must be. Controversial motions, as in the case where the board callously moved to continue force masking children are made all the time. Chair Torey Alston said discussions on appointing an interim to replace Cartwright will happen at the November 15 meeting. Watch my Exclusive Interview:

    Chair Torey Alston and Superintendent Cartwright

    Myself and Scott Travis of Sun Sentinel were the only reporters at the School Board to break this HUGE story. Independent Reporters are increasingly relied by the community on for important news breaks and investigations. Support Independent Reporting! Click Here to Support Chris Nelson’s Work!

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