Concerned Citizens of Broward Are Harming Broward Children!

  • Below is a Letter from Chris Nelson to John Daly and Amy Shield of Concerned Citizens of Broward County Concerning their Reckless Endorsement of ANOTHER AWFUL Candidate. Oct 30, 2022.

    Context: Concerned Citizens of Broward County are a medium sized Facebook group formed after the Parkland Murders that worked to elect School Board Members who will make Broward Schools safer. Their endorsements carry a lot of weight and they have been successful in getting Lori Alhadeff and Deb Hixon elected. Alhadeff has been pretty decent but Hixon has turned out to be a pawn of the Broward Teachers Union and aligns her actions and votes completely with the Union’s wishes as in the case with illegal forced masking and supporting Vickie Cartwright for Superintendent. Concerned Citizens of Broward are forming a reputation for endorsing AWFUL candidates and aligning with the Broward Teachers Union against Freedom-Minded Candidates who put Parental Rights first. This piece of work Steven Julian is the latest example.

    Here is my open letter to them from Oct 30, 2022:

    Dear Amy and John,

    I read your statement in regard to the MANY messages and calls you received yesterday after the childish and abusive behavior of Steven Julien, School Board Candidate endorsed by your group Concerned Citizens of Broward County was exposed. Now I am even more convinced your group is doing serious damage to our community with your reckless endorsements. You admit in your post you do not even believe in the positions of the candidates you endorse so WHY ENDORSE THEM? The Broward Teachers Union has proven to be a cancer on our community and their candidates are responsible for making Broward Schools unsafe yet your endorsement list is indistinguishable from theirs! Bad behavior is not coming from “both sides” in this case like your letter says, it is coming from ONE SIDE. In this case YOUR CANDIDATE Steven Julian. I do not see any real meaningful condemnation of his abusive behavior at the polls toward Brenda Fam in your letter.

    The part of the letter where you “feel the pain” of those like myself who you have expelled from your group for challenging your endorsements and other positions and use a Leftist buzzword like “marginalized” is insulting. I am not marginalized and I will never BE marginalized because I do not ALLOW myself to be marginalized. Marginalization is a choice and a victim mentality. I do not need your Facebook group to get my message out as I have a substantial platform of my own. Amy and John, your leadership and judgement in this Election Cycle has been awful and it is in the best interest of the children of Broward for you to step down. Your endorsements are putting children in danger and hurting our community.


    Chris Nelson, Concerned Citizen

    CCOB Endorsed Candidate Steven Julian blocking his opponents car and being an ass.

    CCOB Endorsed Candidate Steven Julian with Miami Teachers Union Boss Karla Mats aka Karla Marx aka Karla Hernandez and Broward Teachers Union Boss Anna Fusco. Julian is endorsed by Broward Teachers Union

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