IT IS ELECTION DAY! Chris Nelson’s Voter Guide 2022!

  • By Chris Nelson. August 22, 2022. Many people have asked me for a Voter Guide. Here it is!!

    Who I Support:

    1) Laura Loomer for Congress, District 11.

    This is the most important race in the Nation. Laura has been a bold, fearless warrior for America First since before it was popular. She has selflessly put herself on the front line fighting against the Left and their censorship and has a long track record showing her commitment. She has become a personal friend and her victory tomorrow is imperative in fighting back against tyranny.

    2) Darlene Swaffar for Congress,District 23.

    Darlene has proven herself to be an America First warrior. I have known Darlene since 2020 when she fought with me against mandates and shutdowns. She shows up to the School Board and Commission meetings and puts in the work. Darlene is the clear choice in the GOP Primary to take on the Democrat in November. She will fight tooth and nail to take this seat for the GOP!

    3) Angelique Contreras for Palm

    Beach School Board

    Angelique is a close friend of mine and a co-founder of ReOpen South Florida. She has taken on the Palm Beach School Board week after week for almost two years to fight against mandates and the indoctrination of children. Here is one of the most important races in the State.

    4) Brenda Fam for Broward School Board

    Brenda is a fighter who supports the DeSantis Education Plan 100%!!

    Other candidates I support:

    Amanda Silvestri for Palm

    Beach School Board

    Drew Montez Clark for Congress

    Lavern Spicer for Congress Miami

    Rubin Young for Congress Broward

    Melissa Martz for Congress Palm


    Dr. Saulis Banionis for State Rep Boca

    Steve Byers for State Senate District 26


    Click here for my picks for Broward School Board

    Click here for my sample Ballot

    I am Chris Nelson, an Independent Reporter fighting back against media’s false narratives.

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