Superintendent’s Recommended Five Day Suspension for Teacher who Made Sexual Advances on 15-Year-Old Student Withdrawn

  • By Chris Nelson. August 17, 2022.

    Broward Superintendent Vickie Cartwright’s recommendation of a five day suspension for a teacher who allegedly unzipped a 15 year old female student’s jacket and commented on her breasts has been withdrawn,. According to the report, Willie Holmes was a Language Arts teacher at Stranahan High School last year when a female student accused him of making multiple sexual advances. In one case, she says he wrote her a note saying “I realized you been looking good lately” and asked for her phone number. According to the report, Holmes liked to sell snacks to students and due to a “Code Yellow” the girl identified as J.J. was not allowed to leave the room, trapping her with Holmes. According to the report Holmes sent her several text messages over the next few days. She told him she is 15 but he said, “no one had to know if she didn’t say anything.” During another reported incident, Holmes was alone with the girl when he “unzipped her jacket, glanced at her breasts and zipped her jacket back up”. Holmes commented, “there’s a lot down there” and “Don’t tell anyone, I could get in a lot of trouble for that,” according to the report. The report also shows Holmes sending the girl tongue emojis through Cash App, which he was using to sell candy to students.

    Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco arguing for a tax increase.

    Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco defended Holmes behavior according to Sun Sentinel, calling the allegations here say. Last year, Teacher Joseph Carter was fired after sharing a viral video calling out Fusco and Cartwright’s hypocrisy over wearing a mask. Carter said in an interview there is a double standard for teachers in the Union, and that the Union has defended teachers who made sexual advances on students in the past. Watch clip:

    The matter was to be taken up at today’s Board Meeting but was withdrawn yesterday to “provide further time for review of this matter.” Holmes temporary teaching certificate has expired but his name and extension remains on the school’s website.

    Correspondence between administration reveals that if Holmes renews his certificate he could be back in the classroom in Broward. “If Mr. Holmes is rehired by BCOS, he will need to complete his five day suspension upon return,” the note says. The disciplinary board requested a ten day suspension but Cartwright shortened in to five days.

    So far no criminal charges have been filed. Read the full report here.


    Superintendent Vickie Cartwright

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