Darlene Swaffar Consistently Outraising GOP Opponents in Individual Contributions

  • By Chris Nelson. August 4, 2022. Darlene Swaffar is consistently outpacing her GOP opponents in Individual Contributions in the race to represent District 23 in Congress. The new district includes portions of Boca, Coral Springs and Ft Lauderdale. Swaffar, who says she has been campaigning since October, 2021 and brands herself as the “America First” Candidate has raised $182,283.78 in Individual Contributions, $45,139.42 of that in amounts under $200 according to FEC.gov. Swaffar put an additional $38,862.39 of her own money into her campaign for a total of $221,994. She has spent a total of $199,626 at the date of the last filing.

    Club 45 Chairman Joe Budd jumped into the race just before the filing deadline in June. Budd has raised $54,286 in Individual Contributions and loaned himself $49,500. Only $4181 of those contributions are under $200. At the time of the last filing Budd has spent $83,737.

    Jim Pruden, who won the GOP nomination in 2020 put in $167,676 of his own money this year and has spent very little. Only $56,477 of the money he has raised is from Individual Contributions, $3527 of those in amounts under $200. Pruden has only spent $42,802 of his total $224,133.

    Businessman Steve Chess has dumped $75,000 of his own money into his campaign and raised only $6,044 in Individual Contributions. Chess has spent $55,267 at last filing.

    Candidate Christine Scott raised $6047 in Individual Contributions and put in $26,490 of her own money and already spent every dollar.

    Candidate Christine McLaughlin raised $25,146 in Individual Contributions and spent $23,243 at last filing.

    Note: Chris Nelson has endorsed Darlene Swaffar.

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