Florida Planned Parenthood Instructing Underage Girls on How to Get an Abortion Behind their Parents Back

  • By Chris Nelson. July 15, 2022. After Spending the last six months crying over the Parental Rights Bill which will prevent teachers from talking to small children about mutilating themselves behind their parents backs, Florida Libs have another grievance. This morning Florida Planned Parenthood Action Tweeted:

    Under 18 and need an abortion in FL? The state requires a parent to consent to your decision. If that’s not possible, you can get a judicial waiver.

    Resources exist to help you:
    website: http://floridareprofreedom.org/judicialbypass/

    website: http://bit.ly/3z5pCTT

    [The Planned Parenthood ghouls blocked me after I shared their link]

    The post links to a website called Floridians for Reproductive Freedom, which resembles one of the myriad Soros-Funded leftist non profit websites we are used to seeing. In Florida it is illegal for children under 18 to kill their baby in the womb without parental consent, however “Judicial Bypasses” are granted under certain circumstances. The link provides instructions on everything from how to get a Judicial Bypass, to a list of lawyers who will help, and what to wear to court. Check it out here: https://floridareprofreedom.org/judicialbypass/

    A Baby in Utero at 18 weeks.

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