South Florida Political Consultant Has Multiple Identities

  • By Chris Nelson. July 8, 2022. In early 2022 a well-dressed man going by the name Max Morgan began making moves on the South Florida political scene. He was seen at Broward School Board Meetings speaking against CRT, working closely with Republican campaigns and having his photo taken with Ashley Moody, Donald Trump Jr and General Michael Flynn. He began to emblazon his photos with a logo: “Max Morgan Political Advisor”. After people began to ask questions about Morgan’s background, a check was run on him which turned up several aliases.

    “Max Morgan” with Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle

    Two names came up associated with Morgan’s social security number: Ehab Elsayed Mohamed and Max Morgan. It turns out Morgan used to go by the names Ehab Elsayed and Ehab Mohamed on social media and listed himself on Facebook as an Actor living in Sharm el-Shiekh, Egypt as recently as 2019. He expressed Anti-Israel and Anti-Trump sentiments on those pages, including a post “Urgent! 2 million signatures to impeach Trump”

    Morgan aka Elsayed aka Mohamad has been making the rounds at High Profile GOP Events, recently live-streaming an event in Orlando with GOP Congressional Hopeful Willie Montague. He has a large following on Trump’s Truth Social with pictures of himself with Conservative Icons like General Michael Flynn.

    In a disturbing post from 2019 going by the name Ehab Elsayed, Morgan refers to Israel as a Black Widow Spider, a jihadi term for Femal Suicide Bomber. Posting recently on Truth Social as Max Morgan, he used the same spider imagery with the phrase “There is at least one black widow in your life. If you wait to have solid proof, congratulations, you are already DEAD!” The post also references the “Deal of the Century”, a strongly Pro-Israel Peace Plan put forth by President Trump and widely criticized by allies of the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Front.

    When asked about his past, Morgan went on an hour long now deleted Facebook tirade against Republican Congressional Candidate Darlene Swaffar, repeating many of the accusations contained in a Cease and Desist letter he forwarded to members of the Broward GOP which read, “You have met my kindness and generosity with the resultant betrayal, conspiracy, defamation, and vicious attacks in secret and behind my back..”

    Morgan did not respond to questions for this interview and has deleted his Facebook pages. If you have any more information on Max Morgan please email

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