Tell Scott and Rubio - No to “common sense” Red Flag law that Rick Scott is drafting

  • Please contact Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio this weekend in regard to the Red Flag legislation being considered in the Congress. Scott wants to duplicate the Florida “Red Flag” law nationally, but we know that the Federal system is everything but “fair”, nor follows “common sense”, nor is “blind to politics”, nor is interested in “protecting civil liberties of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.”

    Some “red flag” facts to consider,

    - The disaster, maybe even swamp-coordinated tragedy, in Uvalde would not have been stopped with a “red flag” law. No one reported anything unusual about the murderer Ramos before his evil massacre.

    - NYS has the most stringent “red flag” law. Did that stop the Buffalo murderer? How about the NYC subway shootings? The attacker had been arrested over 2 dozen times and was out on $1 bail. Same for the previous subway shooter.

    - When has the FL Red Flag law been successfully exercised :?: I’m not omniscient, so if anyone has data please share.

    If this law goes Federal, it will be politically used very quickly. You can’t have an effective red flag law without a registry BTW. :thumbdown:

    Florida Senator Rick Scott Offers Support for Federal Red Flag Law - The Star News Network
    Florida Senator Rick Scott Offers Support for Federal Red Flag Law Amid a debate by elected leaders on how to respond to the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas,…

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