Laura Loomer Files Federal RICO Case Against Twitter, Facebook, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg Over Online Censorship

  • By Chris Nelson. May 2, 2022. Florida Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer has filed a Federal RICO case against Twitter, Facebook, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg citing she has been silenced due to “Orwellian Big Tech Tactics”. “Today, Conservative Attorneys John Pierce and Former United States Congressman Bill Barr (R-GA) announced the filing of a major, $10 billion-plus federal civil RICO lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey on behalf of Florida Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer,” according to a Press Release on Loomer’s Telegram. The complaint has been filed in the US District Court for the Northern California and accuses Dorsey and Zuckerberg of engaging in a “pattern of racketeering activity, including extortion, all designed to stifle free speech based on political viewpoints under the pretext of upholding ‘Community Guidelines’”. While other candidates claim to be deplatformed, Loomer is the only candidate to be completely kicked off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and labeled a “Dangerous Individual.”

    Laura Loomer

    In October, 2021 it was revealed that

    Facebook had created a secret list of “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations”. The list includes hundreds of Islamic Terrorist Groups like ISIS, but also included hundreds of names of American Citizens who had never been convicted of a crime, hundreds of legal American militia groups with no ties to racism or violence and even peaceful non-militia groups like People’s Rights are branded a “Militarized Social Movement”. Suddenly thousands of Americans are being branded “extremists”, “terrorists” and “violent” by a Private Company who’s ties to the Federal Government are well documented.

    Loomer’s complaint is the first to accuse Big Tech of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) of 1970. This is the same Law Rudy Giuliani used to bring down the Five Cosa Nostra Organized Crime Families as U.S. Attorney in New York in the 1980s. Loomer’s complaint alleges that “defendants have engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity, including by violating a number of federal criminal laws, including 18 U.S.C. §1951: (Interference with Commerce by Threats of Violence), 18 U.S.C. §1952: (Interstate and Foreign Transportation in Aid of Racketeering Enterprises), 18 U.S.C. §1343 (Wire Fraud), 18 U.S.C. §2339B: (Providing material support or resources to terrorist organizations), and 18 U.S.C. §2385 (Advocating overthrow of Government). The irony of Loomer’s Lawsuit is these are the same false accusations Big Tech Titans have lobbied against her and hundreds of thousands of peaceful Americans. Loomer’s legal team is top shelf which includes former Congressman Bob Barr and Miami attorney John Pierce who successfully represented Carter Page in the Bogus Russia Hoax investigation and who is currently representing more January 6 defendants than any other attorney.

    Loomer’s previous Big Tech Lawsuit, as well as President Trump’s, focus on Section 230 Reform which “provides immunity for website platforms with respect to third-party content.” Zuckerberg and Dorsey have hid behind Section 230 as legal ground for censoring and deplatforming anybody they do not like or who does not line up with the Leftist narrative. This lawsuit is vastly different. Loomer alleges racketeering, which must include an extortionary, fraudulent or otherwise illegal scheme in order to consistently collect a profit, came into play when “In April, 2019, Procter and Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer made clear publicly that it did not want its brands tarnished by “divisive” voices and people like Loomer. The next day, exactly three years ago to the day of filing this lawsuit, Loomer was designated a “dangerous individual” by Facebook in its scramble to appease one of its largest advertisers.” Loomer’s new lawsuit goes right for the jugular with the Big Tech Tyrants: their inappropriate and illegal labeling of peaceful American Citizens as Dangerous Extremists. Lives have been ruined over these claims, businesses have been destroyed and people without the means to fight back against lies on the internet have been targeted for harassment and violence. “Just as I fight for regular, freedom-loving Americans every day on the campaign trail and soon in the halls of Congress, I look forward to taking on Facebook, Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey in the courtroom. Exactly three years ago today, Facebook without any due process or regard for my safety and reputation, designated me and several other conservatives as ‘dangerous individuals.’ For the last five years of my life, I have been living life as the ‘most banned woman in the world,’ digitally exterminated by Big Tech from participating in the digital public square. As the first and only de-platformed federal candidate in the United States, I am watching what has happened to me happen to countless other Americans. I cannot and will not stand by while America loses many of our most important individual liberties, including freedom of expression, freedom of association, and free and fair elections. No matter how long it takes and no matter how hard the fight, we will prevail and bring the forces of censorship to heel!”

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