DeSantis Appoints Christian Republican Daniel Foganholi to Broward School Board!

  • By Chris Nelson. April 29, 2022. Parents who believe in School Choice and Traditional Moral Values finally have a voice on the Broward School Board. Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Coral Springs Resident Daniel Foganholi to the School Board today. According to his website, Foganholi lives in Coral Springs with his wife and daughter and is the Director of Legislative Affairs for New Generation Children’s Ministry. He is currently running as a Republican for State Representative in District 96.

    According to the Governor’s Press Release, Foganholi is a Design Consultant for Arhaus. He currently works with the American Brazilian Coalition, is an active member of his church, Habitat for Humanity, and Feeding America. Foganholi earned certificates in marketing and business management from Florida Atlantic University.

    Foganholi’s Social Media tells a good story. He is a Christian who believes in School Choice. He is in for a tough battle with revelations coming to light today of Broward School’s Policy Book which allows boys who identify as girls to shower with girls. Foganholi fills the seat vacated by Rosalind Osgood when she was elected to the State Senate. “His term is incredibly short, expiring in November, 2022,” Tweeted Sun Sentinel Reporter Scott Travis. “If he lives in Coral Springs, he can’t run for election to his current seat unless he moves. He can run for Lori Alhadeff or Donna Korn’s seat, assuming he drops out of the State Rep race.

    The next Broward School Board Meeting is Tuesday, May 3 at 9:45am at 600 SE 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale. The Board is set to vote on approving new text books. According to the agenda they appear poised to attack Governor Ron DeSantis over new textbook guidelines prohibiting racist and sexuality explicit content. Foganholi will be the only man to have a seat on the Broward School Board which is currently made up of eight women.

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