Denmark: Farmers stage tractor protest against govt decision to cull minks

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    Danish farmers staged a demonstration with hundreds of tractors in Copenhagen on Saturday, in protest of their government's recent decision to cull minks over fears that a mutated version of the novel coronavirus could affect the effectiveness of a future vaccine against COVID-19.

    The protest, which included former prime minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, saw hundreds of tractors driving past the port and parliament.

    "I'm here today because the Danish government has failed in its upholding of Danish democracy. It's quite simple. In the constitution of Denmark, we have protection of private property, and they have absolutely molested the law. They've destroyed 6,000 livelihoods within just a few hours of decision-making without consulting the parliament. It is unheard of, it is a catastrophe," said Steffen Larsen, a teacher.

    The Danish government admitted that the decision to cull millions of mink farms had no legal basis for those not contaminated by the coronavirus variant, despite insisting that it is 'non-negotiable.'

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