Broward Schools to Issue Proclamation In Support of Overturning Parental Rights Law

  • By Chris Nelson. April 14, 2022. At their Tuesday Regular Meeting the Broward School Board will discuss a proclamation “in support of our LGBTQ students, employees, community, and the groups working to preserve their rights”. The proclamation cites Equality Florida and the National Center for Lesbian Rights lawsuit to overturn HB 1557 calling it an “unlawful attempt to stigmatize, silence, and erase LGBTQ people in Florida’s public schools”. This proclamation was brought forth by far Left School Board Member Sarah Leonardi, the only Board Member who still wears a mask. It will be discussed at the Regular School Board Meeting Tuesday, April 19 at the Broward School Board, 600 SE 3rd Ave Ft Lauderdale and is open for public comment. The meeting starts at 10am but the subject may not be discussed until later and public comment will begin at 5pm. You can also email your comments to

    Read the full agenda here.

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