Broward Commission to Ban Plastic Straws and Confetti on County Property

  • By Chris Nelson. April 4, 2022. They are not clowning around! Tomorrow, Tuesday April 5, the Broward Commission will vote to have a public hearing to ban balloons, confetti and single use plastic straws and stirrers on Government property. Nevermind the 1.6 BILLION Covid masks that went into the ocean in 2020. Sorry but if the broward Commissioners have their way there will be NO balloon animals for the kids ever again! Meeting starts at 10am at the Broward Government Center, 115 S Andrews Ave, Ft Lauderdale. It is Item 63 and you can sign up to speak before the meeting. Read the resolution here.

  • Another dose of virtue signaingl from the clueless overlords in the Broward Commission.

    Considering that U.S. origin plastics makes up less that one percent of the waste plastics in the oceans, and of that, less than one tenth of one percent are plastic straws, what meaningful impact does such an ordinance have?

    Well, a tiny bit more than you think.

    While plastic straws can be recycled, it turns out the paper straws cannot, as they are lined with added in that makes them both waterproof and a single-use waste product, that's not even very good for its primary function, and oftentimes requires its replacement half way through your meal.

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