Endorsement of Dr. Nathalie Lynch-Walsh for Broward School Board

  • Governor DeSantis,

    Hello and thank you for being a champion for Freedom! I am writing to recommend Dr. Nathalie Lynch-Walsh to fill the Broward County District 5 School Board Seat vacated by Rosalind Osgood. I have gotten to know Dr. Lynch-Walsh and she is fair and she stands for truth and integrity just like you do. She is also a believer in parental choice which is what we desperately need on the Broward School Board.

    About Dr. Lynch-Walsh:

    For over 10 years, Dr. Lynch-Walsh has fought for transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. Her advocacy for excellence in education is unmatched by any one individual in Broward County. She has earned the respect of her community with her work ethic, her determination, and her willingness to confront the status quo. Dr. Lynch-Walsh has an encyclopedic level of knowledge of everything going on in the district. She has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Additionally, she has an MBA as well as a PhD in Global Leadership, Specialization in Corporate and Organizational Management. Dr. Lynch Walsh is a fixture at school board meetings. She is currently Chair of the Facilities Task Force, an advisory group she has been a member of for 10 years. She has been a member of the Audit Committee for over 6 years. She is the Vice Chair of the City of Plantation Education Advisory Board.

    Dr. Lynch Walsh is a resident within District 5 and ran against the current board member in 2016, earning an impressive 41% of the vote against a very strong incumbent. I believe, once appointed, she will continue to be elected by her community.

    Dr Lynch-Walsh speaks at nearly every Broward School Board Meeting. She recently spoke against the Superintendent’s proposal to censor the public. Watch here:

    Dr. Lynch-Walsh has formally submitted her application for this position and I ask on behalf of the group Free Florida that you appoint her to fill this seat. Thank you.

    In Freedom,

    Chris Nelson

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