Broward School Board Needs a Safe Space! Moves to Ban Public from Using “Extreme Sarcasm” or “Spreading Embarrassing Photos” of District Employees

  • By Chris Nelson. March 7, 2022. Two weeks after it was revealed that the Broward School Board took “extraordinary steps” to hide a massive data breach from parents, they have decided they need a Safe Space. The Board is moving to ban “extreme sarcasm” or basically anything that hurts their feelings at School Sponsored Events or on School Property. The new policy proposal uses a modified version of the current Employee policy and applies it to the public. The current policy bans school employees from things like “Criticism on matters unrelated to the person’s job performance” in regard to other employees. The School Board now wants this policy to apply to you and me while on “School Property” or at a “School Sponsored Activity” and vows to have a trespass order placed on anyone who violates it.

    Superintendent Vickie Cartwright is caught maskless at an event after lecturing everyone on the importance of mask wearing.

    Superintendent Vickie Cartwright was asked about her disastrous employment history at a meet and greet last month. Under the new policy an unwanted question from a citizen on video could be grounds for a Trespass order. The policy states: “It shall be prohibited for any interactions between employees and non-employees or non-employee, students, parents or guardians, and all Community members to engage in, or to encourage others to participate in, conduct that is either unwelcome or intentionally targets another individual(s) while on District property or participating in a school- board sponsored activity, by words or actions”. So if you say something to a principal for example that she later decides was unwelcome, you could be in violation.

    Cartwright was also caught maskless with Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco at an event days after lecturing the public on mask wearing and advocating for continued forced masking of children. Fusco is also seen as a target of this policy and has spoken against it calling it “censorship”.

    The policy is wide ranging and also includes “unwanted intrusion into an employees personal life” and bans subjective attitudes like “extreme sarcasm”. How the Board intends to prove sarcasm has not been outlined. There will be a meeting Tuesday at 10am with the Censorship proposal to be addressed around 2pm at the Broward School Board 600 SE 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale. Public comment will be heard and sarcasm will be plentiful. Sign up to speak at 10am at the School Board. Read the policy here.

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