Broward health

  • No N 95’s were available for nurse during the height of the pandemic. You could wear it to take Covid samples, or if you were working in a Covid unit. I had a employee health nurse stamp that I had a fit test, when I didn’t. I was asked what size I wore and told the nurse I was NOT SURE OF SIZE, she stamped a paper that it was completed.

    Funny how people won’t stand up for freedom, all because of money, government strongholds and POLITICS !

    Maybe it’s time to eat in the bathroom

    Personally if every unvaccinated nurse is subject to public humility we should also be allowed to sure these companies when mandates are DISCONTINUED DUE TO BEING :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :evil: UNCONSTITUTIONAL

  • I harbour nary sympathy for you healthcare workers as you participated in this COVID scamdemic. You all are trying to eschew the COVID jab by filing for religious exemptions and such. From my understanding, many of you are being denied. Well, boo-freaking-hoo...cry me a river! You bitches made your beds, now bloody lie in them!

  • Awalys takes one to know one. We made no beds but we took care care of many that drank the coolaid. Maybe if there had been two sides to the conversations it would have been better! There is not much time left for people with you level of disrespect, hopefully they will find charges against you. You might consider going out of the state to be treated in any hospital now big shot! Wow guess you are mad that we didn’t choose the jab, boohoo to you too! Did you get cardiomyopathy or neurological issues? Well maybe you will add to some numbers you don’t want to be included in!

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