BCPS Superintendent Candidate Vickie Cartwright's troubled past: Why she CAN NOT be appointed

  • As you likely are aware, Vickie Cartwright and Michael Gaal are finalists for the Broward school board superintendent race.

    Vickie Cartwright was appointment as temporary Superintendent as a standin until a full search could be performed. I am writing you out of great concern. Vickie Cartwright has had a turbulent past, specifically at your last position in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin where we was superintendent for 3 years before mutually agreeing to resign.

    Multiple surveys were conducted amongst the Osh Kosh Staff and administrators showing a total disconnect to the wishes of the district. Furthermore, a letter from the staff stated that teachers were unable to properly do their jobs under her as superintendent and that she had "stifled" the district.

    Oshkosh school administrators allege superintendent has 'stifled' district, demand third-party investigation
    In an anonymous letter submitted to the school board, administrators said they lack confidence in Superintendent Vickie Cartwright's leadership.

    Here is a link to a letter Jacqui Luscomb, Broward ESE Chairwoman wrote about Vickie's past along with the survey and letter from the staff of Osh Kosh I mentioned above:

    SuptSearch - Google Drive

    Attendance suffered during Vickie Cartwrights tenure prior to the pandemic, a major issue that BCPS is already facing as discussed in her interview on 10/2019 (see 58 minute mark). There are a number of other mishaps and scandals discussed in this video -

    Parents in both Broward County and Osh Kosh have expressed the unresponsiveness from Vickie Cartwright as per the attached social media posts (attached)

    On Tuesday night, there is a meet and greet with the finalists and Piper Highschool, flyer also attached, in which media will be able to ask questions. I strongly implore you to make the public aware of Dr Cartwright's troubled past. After the blemish the Runcie superintendent era had on Broward County's reputation, we CAN NOT afford to repeat this mistake.

    Michael Gaal is the clear choice, and Broward parents and citizens have a right to know about Cartwright's past.

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