Vickie Cartwright’s Disastrous Record Largely Ignored by South Florida Media


    The Broward School Board has ignored Vickie Cartwright’s disastrous record and voted to advance her into the top two contenders for Superintendent, even though they promised they were not going to consider her. The South Florida Fake Media Brigade have also completely ignored serious warning lights about Cartwright. Cartwright’s previous job was Superintendent of Osh Kosh School District in Wisconsin where she served for three years. According to an article by Nathaniel Shuda of the Osh Kosh Northwesterner, Cartwright’s resignation was not by choice. Shuda’s article reads: “The resignation comes as Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6 finishes up a Gallup survey of district staff after an anonymous letter from administrators, who said Cartwright hindered staff with a lack of clear communication and decision-making and created a culture without trust.“. Read the full article here:

    Vickie Cartwright

    A November 24, 2020 letter to the Osh Kosh School Board signed “Concerned OASD

    Administrators” states, “We write to you today to share our concerns and lack of confidence in the leadership of Superintendent, Dr. Vickie Cartwright. The culture of trust has eroded in our district since she assumed her position in July, 2018. She has fostered a culture that does not allow staff to perform at their best. This has stifled district progress and had a negative impact on students.” The letter goes on to site examples of Cartwright’s behavior including making it difficult for Administrators to be included in decisions of provide feedback. “The culture of trust has completely vanished and OASD Administrators are not comfortable providing direct feedback for fear of losing their positions.” Read the full letter:

    The letter references a Gallup survey that was requested and anonymously filled out by administrators who worked under Cartwright called the “The OASD Central Office Culture and Climate Survey”. The results are not pretty. According to the Principals and other administrators who worked under her, Vickie Cartwright was a disaster. On the supposition, “The staff are consistently involved in discussion and making decisions about most District issues”, 25% Strongly Disagreed and 35.71% Disagreed. On “The staff have access to key information” 33% Strongly Disagreed. It seems Dr. Cartwright is not a huge fan of democracy. For “The Superintendent participates democratically with staff sharing power and authority”, 46% Disagreed and 30% Strongly Disagreed. Only 3% Strongly Agreed but there is always the Teacher’s Pet. The weight of the “Strongly Disagrees” to the “Strongly Agrees” is troubling. It was not only one person having problems with Cartwright. Here are the survey results:

    This information is not difficult to find. A simple Google search for “Vickie Cartwright Oshkosh” tells you her troubled history. The first story that pops up is an article about how badly Osh Kosh Principals wanted rid of Cartwright. But when you Google anything from the lazy loser South Florida Media you find nothing! Is it not in the best interest of the Sun Sentinel Readers to know these things? The Media practically live at the School Board so it is difficult to see how they are not aware of Dr. Cartwright’s past.

    Cartwright is also described by her peers as a bit of an elitist which we saw when she showed up maskless to the VIP Event in Margate with Kodak Black. Cartwright was joining the Broward School Board in defying State Law and continuing to force masks on children. The maskless video of her and Broward Teacher’s Union President Anna Fusco went viral and her hypocrisy was on full display. Watch here:


    A meet and greet is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 8 at 7pm at Plantation High School featuring Cartwright and fellow contender Michael Gaal. Since Scott Travis and the South Florida Media do not appear interested in either reporting on or asking questions concerning this issue of obvious importance to Broward County Parents, the community must show up and ask Cartwright herself. According to the Broward Schools Website, “Ray & Associates will moderate the event and ask the finalists questions that were generated from the various focus group sessions that occurred during the search process. Candidates will be available to personally interact with attendees at the conclusion of the session.” This means that if the moderators refuse to bring these concerns up you can ask Cartwright yourself and share her response. This is typically the job of the Press but the South Florida Press have ignored these concerns thus far. You can also register public comments beginning Monday morning at

    After the escapades of Robert Runcie and his policies that led to the horrible tragedy at Parkland and his subsequent arrest and resignation, Broward County must avoid making the same mistake of having another disastrous superintendent foisted upon us.

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