Democrat Senator Introduces Bill to Forcibly Vaccinate Floridians

  • By Chris Nelson. January 6, 2022. In a move that would have been called a Conspiracy Theory two years ago, Florida State Senator Jason Pizzo (D-Miami) has introduced a bill that would authorize the State Health Officer to send law enforcement to your home, hold you down and forcibly inject a vaccination into your arm. SB 1234: Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies was submitted to the Criminal Justice, Health Policy and Rules Committees yesterday for consideration in the upcoming Legislative Session. The exact language reads: "Authorizing the State Health Officer to order the vaccination of individuals upon declaration of a public health emergency under certain circumstances; revising a requirement that the Department of Health adopt certain rules, etc."

    Sen. Jason Pizzo (Florida Politics)

    Pizzo's bill would reinstate language that had been Florida Statute since 2002 before it was removed through laws signed by Governor DeSantis after a Special Session of the State Legislature in November (Read here:…imiting-vaccine-mandates/) Pizzo was the most vocal opponent of the Medical Freedom Bills presented in the Special Session which also included employee exemptions from the COVID vaccine and an end to forced masking of school children. It is unlikely Pizzo's Bill will make it very far and certainly would be vetoed by the Governor. The January Legislative Session begins Tuesday. Track Pizzo's Bill here:

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  • Thanks Chris for staying on top of this. It's amazing how these idiots rise to a position where they can keep on trying with this shit. It really is a product of a society that cultures sheep mentality.

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