DeSantis Appoints Democrat Mask Psycho to Broward Commission

  • By Chris Nelson. November 23, 2021. In a puzzling move, Freedom Rockstar and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed a far left Democrat to the Broward County Commission today. Jared Moskowitz, who calls himself "Jared MASKowitz" on Twitter, will fill the District 9 seat left vacant by Barbara Sharief who resigned to run for Congress. Moskowitz was Director of Emergency Management for the State of Florida in 2020. He oversaw lockdowns, school closures, business closures, and all the misery needlessly inflicted upon Floridians before DeSantis finally embraced Freedom in late 2020. On his Twitter feed, Moskowitz praises Joe Biden's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill which will curtail the Freedoms of Floridians and load crippling debt on future generations. He writes: "Because of @JoeBiden everyday is now Infrastructure Day!"

    He also praises Nancy Pelosi by retweeting a tweet calling her a "hero". Democrat State Senator and BLM Activist Shevrin Jones calls Moskowitz his "best friend". A parade of the most Left Wing South Florida Democrats including Radical Democrat and Anti 2A Congressman Ted Deutsch, Leftist Palm Beach Commissioner Melissa McKinlay and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz who calls Moskowitz her "friend" have praised his appointment.

    Most shocking is Moskowitz's tweet from June 30, 2020 where the word "MASKS" is printed 46 times in all capital letters.

    Moskowitz stance on pushing the COVID shot on children is evident in this retweet from Hillary Clinton:

    It is hard to imagine what Governor DeSantis may have been inhaling when he decided to stick his supporters in Broward with another radical masker, especially after what the County has endured these last two years. Certainly no Democrat would appoint a Freedom Minded Republican to a position like this as it seems only Republicans like to shoot themselves in the foot and screw over their constituents. Broward is key to DeSantis being Re-Elected in 2022. If he thinks any Democrat will help him in that regard he is probably taking PCP. What is even more bizarre is Moskowitz does not even live in the District he was appointed to. DeSantis also appointed Republican Florida Department of Transportation Chief of Staff Torey Alston to the District 8 seat left vacant by Dale Holness who also resigned to run for Congress.

  • Well their hands are tied, no more lockdowns and masks. What more damage can they do? Keep your friends close and enemies even closer? IDK Strange move indeed.

  • No 5D chess here. I wish that's how politics actually worked but it's not. Most likely he made some type of a deal w the Dems down here that involved giving them one of the two seats. DeSantis is definitely not an idiot, but very naive. Just like Trump he thinks he can charm people into liking him and backing him. In reality they are just waiting until it's time to stab him in the back. This was a HUGE mistake he will pay for come Election Day. Yes Dan the South Florida Democrat COVID Cartel have their hands tied... for now. Fried gets in there and the first thing she will do is unleash that monster on us again.

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