ALERT! Special Session Proposal Will NOT Ban Vaccine Mandates, Opens the Door to Permanent Forced Masking

  • By Chris Nelson. November 8, 2021. The long-awaited Special Session of the Florida State Legislature will NOT ban COVID vaccine mandates entirely, according to a Press Release from Senate President Wilton Simpson and House Speaker Chris Sprowls. Instead, private sector employees will have "Opt-Outs" including the option to wear a mask PERMANENTLY in lieu of getting the COVID jab. The Opt-Outs are:

    - Employees with health or religious concerns are exempt from any vaccine requirements.

    - Pregnant women or women who anticipate pregnancy are exempt

    - Employees who have recovered from COVID-19 are exempt (but must prove it)

    - Employers must provide ALL EMPLOYEES the option to choose periodic COVID-19 testing or PPE as an alternative to vaccine requirements (at no cost to employees) – test frequency to be determined by the Florida Department of Health

    Governor Ron DeSantis announces the agenda for the Special Session of the State Legislature on November 8, 2021.

    Anyone who has sought a religious exemption from the Vaccine Rape Gang knows this is not an easy task. Instead of adopting H.B. 75 proposed by Rep. Anthony Sabatini which would have outlawed mandates entirely (Read here: Sabatini Files Bill that He Says Will END Covid Tyranny in Florida!), Florida GOP leaders seem to be settling for half measures again. These "opt outs" will allow employers to continue segregating and isolating the unvaccinated by shaming them with a slave mask. The burden of proof will remain on the Florida citizen to reveal private health information to his employer in order to be exempt from a potentially deadly treatment. No Floridian should need a permission slip to maintain his own bodily autonomy. Could you imagine if President Trump demanded all citizens reveal their HIV status to their employer and then be made to wear some type of medical device that segregated them from the rest of the employees? That would never fly!

    There are parts of the Agenda that are good. If they follow it, the legislature plans to ban mask and vaccine mandates in schools, begin the process of pulling the state of Florida out of OSHA (we will wait and see on this one), and removing the Florida statute which allows the Public Health Official to forcibly vaccinate citizens during a declared Public Health Emergency. Read the document in its entirety here:…ss%20Release&FileName=797

    ***CALL TO ACTION***

    The Special Session will begin on November 15 in Tallahassee. The session WILL be open for public comment so if you can make it, get there!! See details at There will be a Medical Freedom Rally on Tuesday at 1pm

    Call your reps and tell them we will settle for nothing less than a FULL BAN on Medical Rape in the State of Florida! No exemptions! No exceptions! Here is a list of all Republican Reps and Senators:

    I interviewed Rep Anthony Sabatini to get his thoughts today! See it in my Instagram @ReOpenChris

    Follow me on Telegram: Chris Nelson Uncensored

  • Is Governor DeSantis capitulating and cucking on this COVID "vaccine" conflict? I hope not! As I told folks last year, the mask had nothing to do with health but rather a test of compliance and submission. Sure enough, I was dismissed and ignored. If tonnes of folks had flouted the mask mandates, then the powers that should not be would have difficulty ramming through the "vaccine" mandate.

  • I don’t like this at all! Permanent ban or nothing. We are going to do some patriotic shit.

    Frankly, I do not see how anyone with half a brain and a scintilla of critical thinking would exhibit patriotism towards this country. After all, it shits on you and wants to displace you. It is about bloody time that folks start asking what America can do for them that will truly be in their best interests.

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