Protest Wilton Simpson

  • Thank God for Governor DeSantis calling a special session! This happened DESPITE Wilton Simpson, not because of him. He's speaking at an event in The Villages on Saturday. I organized this protest before Gov. DeSantis's announcement today. We're not going to let Simpson off the hook! We still need to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he passes the strongest legislation possible. There are already concerns that the proposed legislation has too many loopholes and dances around banning mandates instead of actually banning them.

    Simpson also needs to know that we're on to him and are wise to his horrible record in Florida. He kills bills, appoints Democrats to key legislative committees, is another good ole boy who cares more about status and power than actual Floridians. Join me in protesting him!

    See more info at the link:…/1451245665946947584?s=20

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