Victory! State Attorney Declines to Prosecute Freedom Loving Father for Incident at Ft Lauderdale High School

  • By Chris Nelson. October 15, 2021. Florida State Attorney Harold Pryor has unsurprisingly declined to file charges against freedom loving Father Dan Bauman for an incident at Ft Lauderdale High School on August 25. Bauman was absurdly charged with Aggravated Child Abuse, a first degree felony, after a girl walked across the school yard and snatched his phone out of his hand and he attempted to get it back while bringing his daughter to school. The charge was subsequently downgraded to Child abuse without great bodily harm. Dan was attempting to bring his daughter Isabel to school after she was repeatedly denied entry for not wearing a mask. The Florida Department of Education issued a rule directing School Boards to allow for parents to opt-out from compulsory mask wearing but the Broward School Board voted to disobey the law and Ft Lauderdale High School followed their direction. Dan was documenting each attempt of Isabel to get into school including attempts by administrators to physically block her from entering. Watch all three encounters here CleverGirl - YouTube.

    Court Document showing State Attorney Harold Pryor Declining the Case against Dan Bauman

    On Wednesday, August 25, Dan was attempting to bring his daughter to school a fourth time. When Isabel and her supporters arrived, students formed a protest against Isabel and chanted "Wear the Mask!" Teachers did nothing to stop this. Watch here:

    When Dan and Isabel approached the school entrance, a masked girl walked aggressively from the direction of the protest up to Dan and grabbed his phone out of his hand. Dan attempted to retrieve his phone and was tackled, arrested, and charged with child abuse. Local media gleefully jumped on the story blaring headlines like "Parent Accused of Abusing Student at Fort Lauderdale High in Apparent Mask Dispute". The Sun Sentinel's Austen Erblat wrote an absurd and grossly inaccurately titled article "Anti Mask Protestor Arrested After Shoving High School Student" which was picked up by the Washington Post and painted Dan as a vicious child abuser and the girl who assaulted him as an innocent victim. Many stories shared and credited the Antifa (Twitter: @MIAagainstFASH) video and quoted Ft Lauderdale police saying that Dan was filming students and the girl did not want to be filmed. However, video evidence shows Dan was nowhere near the girl until she traveled across the school yard and instigated the whole event while Principal Sean Curran watched.

    Read more on Dan and Isabel's story here: Video Shows Assault on Anti Mask Father Was Premeditated. Dan pulled his daughter Isabel from Broward Schools to seek education in a less hostile environment. He still has legal bills in the amount of $6500. You can help this brave Father here:

    Dan and Isabel

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