Another Murder by Ventilator

  • It is with great sadness that I must report that Derrick DeForge's heart has stopped beating today. Derrick is a 51 year old man with a wife and teenage daughter. Two weeks ago he was brought to Broward Health via ambulance due to shortness of breath. The hospital labeled him a "COVID Pneumonia" patient even though his chart shows he was COVID Negative on arrival. He was pumped full of deadly Remdesivir without his wife's consent, incapacitated with Fentanyl and Propofol, had a tube shoved down his throat, he was DENIED Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, he was DENIED visitation and placed on a Ventilator to die. These are what our demented media and politicians will celebrate as another "Unvaccinated COVID death" and use for their twisted Vaccine Propaganda. Derrick did NOT die from COVID. He died due to a lethal Hospital protocol that appears to be designed to kill unvaccinated patients. He died because greedy soulless Hospital Administrators are being PAID up to $39,000 a pop for every "COVID Pneumonia" patient they stick on a ventilator. He died because LIFESAVING medicine with ZERO side effects are being cruelly withheld. He died due to a lack of compassion and lack of courage on the part of the Hospital staff and our government. Out of respect for Derrick's family the demonstration for tomorrow will be postponed. The Hospital Administrators and all those responsible for this ghoulish treatment of human beings MUST and WILL be held accountable. In the meantime keep Dee, Derrick's daughter Isabella and his family in your prayers. 🙏

  • I’m so sorry for him and his family.

    Everyone > 45 and/or has comorbidities needs to be taking this prophylactic stack of vitamins daily:

    Quercetin 500mg

    Vitamin C 1000mg

    Vitamin D3 5000IU

    elemental Zinc 30mg

    Dr. Zelenco has the convenient z-stack, or you can build your own.

    Vladimir Zelenko MD
    Vladimir Zelenko MD

    How it works:

    Zinc kills the virus.

    Quercetin helps the zinc get into the cells.

    Vitamin C makes the Quercetin most effective.

    Vitamin D3 boosts your immunity.


    My husband and I each got the Treatment Rx in case we ever get sick with the bioweapon. We are in the high risk category because we are >45.

    We used and using the Medici app. It’s all texting inside the app once you get started.

    Ask for Dr. Ben Marble and go from there. We got another doc but it doesn’t matter who you get…we got these Rx:





    It is free, and if you feel like it you can make any contribution.

    If you have older family members maybe you can help them get this.

    It’s very individual, because we all have different health info, so each person has to do it for themselves. My husband has a stent so they left off the HCQ from his Treatment.

    FYI…I hope someone finds this information helpful!

    Others have used Frontline Doctors - it’s $90 for the teledoc meeting.

  • P.S. you can also request Prophylaxis which I believe will be Ivermectin…

    I figured we are already using the z-stack so that’s the prophylaxis.

    If you get the Treatment, you want to start using it Day1-3….


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