Norway ends all covid restrictions

  • It irks me they were first. I fear it will take a lot longer here. I never imagined Americans would take it up the ass like that. This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. I'm pretty sure the majority here in Broward actually wanted the face diaper. And you know if they think they need to wear it, by default they want to force you to wear it too, stupid pussies.

  • The US MSM is still winning, so far. And there are many believers. There are a lot of people I talk with who are clueless on the magnitude of the protests in Europe and Australia and especially the police brutality in Australia. Until they are significantly impacted, they are happy. So as long as the changes keep creeping in, they will remain clueless.

  • I think it's the other way around. There are really only 5 major media companies in the entire world, you can look it up if you doubt it. This administration isn't running anything, they are just puppets. Mainstream media biggest corporate sponsor supplying 85% of ad money comes from big pharma. At best they are greedy and uncaring, at worst they are destroying the lives and minds of everyone who believes them. Y'all ever see that compilation of all the different 'local' news talking heads saying the exact same script verbatim?

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