Broward Superintendent and Teachers Union Reps to Go DOOR TO DOOR Hunting Down Children That Left Broward Schools

  • By Chris Nelson. September 23, 2021. On the heels of a report that nearly 12,000 students have left Broward Schools in the last year, Interim Superintendent Vickie Cartwright, Teachers Union President Anna Fusco and Broward School Board Members are vowing to go DOOR TO DOOR to HUNT DOWN CHILDREN who left their indoctrination camps they call schools. This message was sent to parents by Marjory Stoneman Douglas Principal Michelle Kefford:

    Both Fusco and Cartwright were recently busted maskless at a large event even though they preach forced masking day in and day out and continue to force masks on the students. Apparently most of these kids have had enough and have either moved on to private schools or somewhere they are allowed to breathe.

    If Cartwright, Fusco or any of their minions show up at your door I suggest you start the camera rolling and do not stop. Send the footage to

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