• 🚨3rd Update on Derrick 9/17/21

    Derrick DeForge, is a patient at Broward Health North Medical Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida

    Two days ago a Nurse Advocate ordered her husband:

    27 mg of Ivermectin

    200 mg of HCQ

    10,000 iu of Vitamin C

    10,000 Vitanin D3

    Budesonide Steroid 1 mg

    Quercetin, NAC And More…

    She also asked for him to be Proned.

    Dr. Iad Naji of Broward County Hospital accepted Dr. Ardis' reccommendations and wrote out prescriptions for this updated protocol BUT the hospital Administrators OVERRULED the doctor's prescriptions. They did not follow these orders.

    Witness: Bonnie Camp, former Operating room Nurse, to this Negligence and Clear Medical Malpractice.

    Doctor Bryan Ardis with America's Frontline Doctor's wrote to Dee and suggested the Compassionate Use Act and/or “The Right To Try” along with a specific protocol for Derrick's hospital to follow.

    🚨Derrek is currently in a medical induced coma. Unfortunately local Media stations have been unwilling to pick up her story. Derrick has a twelve year old daughter.


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