Trump tells Gutfeld about the toughest part of his presidency

  • Trump sounds authentic to me, often his words echo my sentiments. I know politicians are trained to do that, but I trust my instincts. Particularly in this interview where Gutfeld talks about losing friends due to his support of Trump, and Trump answers with "But you've gained new ones", so true. To be clear I'm not a Trump fanboy, but he hits every nail on the head, and has come a long way with his demeanor. Just compare to the lying POS biden.. I'm sure if Trump and his administration were in charge there would not be such an attempt at unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

  • I understand how you feel, I really do. But, don't forget... Trump did the lockdowns and started all this stuff. He went along with the fake emergency for the last part of his term. He created operation warp speed for the vaccines, and has tons of conflicts of interest with big pharma. Because the lockdowns ruined the economy, Trump planted the seeds of universal basic income with the economic stimulus payments, extreme socialists only dreamed about it. If POS Biden did all that, I'm sure you wouldn't excuse it like you seem to be for Trump. This isn't about left and right. Both sides are working against the people. It's global, there's not a place on earth you can go to escape it. It's a global takeover by globalists, it would have happened no matter who was the president. I wish there was a party or politician who would protect the rights of the people. Based on evidence, there doesn't seem to be any real good guys. Trump was just playing his part and it was very disappointing. Either he was controlled opposition or he made terrible decisions all by himself. Either way, let's be realistic about what really happened and don't expect anyone to save us. We are going to have to save ourselves. Don't comply with anything unconstitutional, even if Trump is re-elected. The long range global plan is to transform the entire world into a regional managerial society, basically a scientific dictatorship. Left and Right is a false dialectic.

  • Trump did the lockdowns and started all this stuff.

    That's misinformation, Trump didn't impose any lockdowns. Lockdowns were mandated on a local level, state and municipal. Trump was the one who urges people to rebel against the lockdowns, remember his controversial tweets "Free this state and the other" I forget the state names. Just based on this first and very big mistake on your part I'd think the rest of what you stated is questionable, I don't have time to consider and debunk it.

  • For God sake, get over Donald "Chump" already. He is a pisk malocheh who is trying to redeem himself post his failed presidency.

    So you wanted Biden and his administration? We must thank you for vaccine and mask mandates. What exactly are you doing here?

  • So you wanted Biden and his administration? We must thank you for vaccine and mask mandates. What exactly are you doing here?

    Hell no...I did not want Biden as president. However, I do not put Trump on a pedestal whatsoever. It seems many of you continue sweating Trump. I refuse to be a patriotard who believes America does no wrong and its shit does not stink. Frankly, I get sick of these patriotards thanking these idiot veterans for their services.

  • It's not misinformation, there was a lockdown for the entire world. If it was done on a local level then you could say DeSantis is responsible, fine, then blame him for his bad decisions. Trump did the vaccine Warp Speed operation and said he would deploy the military for it, you remember. You think it's not Trump? CARES Act and economic stimulus socialist stuff was signed by him, I kept that surreal letter he sent. None of it is questionable, there is no debunking. You could spin it or soften it, but the reality is the reality. I think everyone who voted for him was expecting a great presidency, but for most, it will not be remembered in history as a great time for our country. The worst mask abuse also happened during 2020, remember. I'm on your side 100% but I don't have rose colored glasses for any politician. They are not serving the citizens. Dan for president in 2024. LOL, you could do better, by far.

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