Broward Schools Are Lying About Offering A Mask Exemption

  • It's well known at this point that Broward schools are acting illegally by not offering a simple mask opt out option for parents of students, as stipulated in the Parents Bill Of Rights signed into law by governor Ron Desantis, and the directive from the Health Department. The schools are now lying to the public about being in compliance with the law, their excuse is that they do offer a medical exemption. Not only are the qualifying conditions for their medical exemption extremely narrow making it almost impossible to find a doctor who will sign off on it, what they don't advertise is that even by some miracle you can get a doctor to write an exemption, the child/student will not be treated normally at school. They will be segregated and have other restrictions in place. This was communicated to us through the administration of Fort Lauderdale High School after conversation with the principal. Putting effort into getting a medical mask exemption in Broward is a complete waste of time. THE GOVERNOR AND MEDIA MUST BE MADE AWARE OF THIS. THE SCHOOLS ARE BREAKING THE LAW AND LYING ABOUT IT.

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